Abraham with Isaac or Ishmael?

I have been preached many times by Muslims that the bible we are reading has been changed by the church, similar to the works of Dan Brown. This story have been told many times in attempts to convert me and indeed is quite a passionate agreement. Almost similar passion displayed to the defense that MCA is not about money.

One of the great 'urban legend' is the story of Abraham and Isaac/ Ishmael which is also the 'evidence' of the conspiracy of the Jews and Christians to uphold Isaac and dethrone Ishmael.

So, it is clear that there is no verse in the Quran and traditions that provided the proof, hence the continual divergent among Muslim theologians in contrast with the Christian and Jews's stand.

My thinking is a bit more shallow.

Muslims believe in the 4 books - Torah (Old Testament ), Zabur ( Psalms ) , Injil (New testament ) and Quran.
Note that the earlier 3 are books that 'is in the original state and not that has been corrupted by human/church'. So far, no evidence where these real books are.It is claimed that the church has them.
(Reminds me of Ezam Mohd Nor who claimed that he has 6 boxes of proof against Anwar Ibrahim and then Ezam says that Anwar have the 6 boxes instead. )

Lets say we take the face value of the current 4 books hear what they say about Abraham and Isaac/Ishmael.
1.Torah - Isaac
2.Psalms - Indicated Isaac (the covenant he made with Abraham, the oath he swore to Isaac.105:9)
3.NT- Isaac
4.Koran - no name mentioned.

So, at best 3-1 score or 2-0.
So, take your pick on the evidences on the table and am still amazed on how people can be convinced with these arguments. (and be converted)

Anyway, to digress.
1. Paran - is a small town historically mentioned by Arab explorers etc. to be in the Sinai Peninsular, "Ibn Khaldun clearly places Faran in the Sinai peninsula, at the northern end of the Red Sea. Faran is associated geographically with Midian and with Aila (ancient Elath, modern Elat, located at the end of the Gulf of Aqaba). " So, Paran is not Mecca. (Read)

2. Lets say Paran is Mecca. Wonder how Abraham goes of with Ishmael and mom to Mecca ( probably a few years journey at those times) , stick around to build the Kaaba and then went back after the holiday. Did he bring the whole tribe or part of it? Did he leave his other wife behind with the newborn? Who was the designated leader when he is on leave?
That is easily 1500 km on foot accross desert just to go to Mecca. And he was already in the 'promised land' that God told him he would be (which is waaaaay up north)
Anyway, you believe what you believe. The devil is however, in the details.

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