First day in Uptown

Uptown boy !!

Phew , it was a long day . Stayed up till about 3 am to wash up the house for the prospective tenant to view. Did much ironing and cleaning. And that came after a long drive from Muar , plus a simple dance class - in which i missed half of it.

Good news!! After tuning , my car engine is going on pretty efficiently . It took my about RM57 to drive down and up to KL - with still some spare. That is the best news for this year!

First day at work seems ok . Arrived slightly early at before 9.00 and waited for the boss . And .. got my first laptop Dell Latitude 1.6 Ghz with 40 gig drive. Not bad. But the IT guys were running about and could not get my password till later.

Went through the org chart and then followed a sales rep called Shirley downtown to KL - went to the Weld , Low Yat and Sungei Wang to visit the stores. It was a different experience running about. Helped her with her stuff and learn a bit more about the brands. And see how the competitors are doing in the store. Actually a very competitive environment.

Had a cool rice cooked with sauteed brinjal in Sungei Way - it was super good! no kidding - spicy and fragrant. Perhaps with a little -- ahem --- .

Rushed back at 4.00 to meet Mag before she leaves . Got her a nice carrot cake from Secret Recipe Shop - the lady was very nice but do wish that they have a bag to make it easier carrying the cake. Took a taxi back and cost me RM13.10. Shall not imagine if it is during peak time.

Celebrated Mag's birthday with Veronica , my sis's ex boss . BOth of us sang the birthday song. It was kinda.... silent as the rest of the HR were coming back from Beijing . But we had fun never the less. Veron was laughing as she walks out. Then we had some cake and use the extra to 'greese' ( or is it cheesed ? ) the introduction to new people. Went around asking people to eat cake and doing some intro. Not bad for creativity.

Met : - Ken , Rachel ( ex WD too ) , Shirley , Vincent ( Finance Ctrl ) , Liz .. and many more.

Memories of WDM

Best of luck in the future and thanks for your contribution.

John Coyne ( VP of WDC )

It has been wonderful working with somebody as dedicated and intelligence as you. I'm sure you will do well in your new company and your other future endeavors, just make sure you be "good". Temptations are aplenty in your new company....
We suppose to have some farewell for you during our HR meeting today. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled due to the evacuation drill and many are either away on work or leave. Sorry about that...I will see you before you leave today. take care.

Wish you all the best in your new endeavours! - AK

Thanks for the years of training support. Did not know you were leaving until I saw this mail. Anyway, all the best and do keep in touch. - Gnanes

I just opened my email. Got a lot of things since this morning. Actually, I really enjoy woking with and being under your supervision all this while. It is a very very good pleasure to share everything with u. I will surely remember the meetings, discussion, and all the tasks that we have been gone through all this while because you are such a good BIG BOSS to me. You really understand what we do and how we perform our tasks and really patient on it. You have a good project leadership and able to understand, think, and predict very well in every single thing you do. Hope all of this characteristics will be your precious assets for you to be more successfull in future especially when you are working in different company soon. And until now.....telling u what....I still believe that you are the best supervisor,project leader and boss I ever have compared to my other friends in other places. Feel so lucky and glad to be your subordinate. Hehe. - Firdaus

Still remember the 1st day of my industrial training where we met at the resource center…………………time seems to be lightning fast….. and now you are leaving! …but I would like to officially say “Thank you”….otherwise I will not have a chance to work as a proud WDMer!…… Anyhow, still wish to see you around in PJ! - Yih Fey

Hey, I just open this mail. Didn't realise it was your last working day at WD. What will you be doing next?
Anyhow, all the best! - KM Fang

bro...all the best in your future undertakings.
may god bless you where ever you are....
until next time, take care. - Jessie

Hi Joseph,
I like your blogs, I wonder how many hit per day ?
Keep in touch in cyberspace.

Take care and God Bless Joseph .
Cheers - paul D.

Well Joseph,
Always that nice work of wisdom from you and it looks like one good "artist" has gone but like you said "au revoir" till we meet again, all the best to you. Keep in touch. - Audrey

handsomenyer.... Pau

Hi Joe,
Take care and May God Bless you always, Good Luck in your Future Endeavor. We will miss you.

I wrote your name on sand, it got washed.
I wrote your name in air, it was blown away... then
I wrote your name on my heart & i got Heart Attack - Vivian

May you continue to shine in your new role and area of "calling" as how you had in WDM. But this time, shine brighter and taste better!! I believe you're the kind that always improves as you grow in God's loving kindness. You have bring much blessings to those around you.
May God continue to bless you in your future paths and walk with Him. Keep in touch ya... Many who said farewell and gave words to keep touch but hardly can do it. =) You can contact me thru WD email, will let u know when it's time not to use this email. :D But I hope not so soon la... Will try my best to continue the WD Mission!! Need your continuous prayer, OK. See u again...!! - Christine

What does that "au revoir Dieu benit" mean?? French?? Spanish? Mandarin (definately not, right??)??

u mean u r leaving?! not joking?
anyway, thanks for everything. & all the best to your new career. - Sio

Hi Joseph,

Although not much talking to you during the orientation, I can feel that you are a nice & friendly guy…..
Wish you all the best in your future undertakings….do remember me…

Is a cute photo …

Hah! I like the picture bit. Good of you to leave us with a laugh. Good luck, and thanks for all your help thus far. - Eu Jin

Hi Joseph,
Wish you a very bright and cheerful future. All the Best..!! Take care..!! Keep in touch..... - Galla

It is very 'warm' to have such an informal gathering in the company. like this idea ...
although know you just for a little while , but going to feel the 'miss' when you leave.
Same time also happy to see that you are continue "growing" in your career. Wish you best of luck in any of your future undertaking .
Do keep in touch. - Grace

Hi Joseph

It's great to hear you had a great lunch. Too bad I wasn't able to make it last minute due to the oracle training.

Well I will be on leave tomorrow, so taking this opportunity to wish you ALL THE BEST in the future, in whatever you do. And do remember always to keep your eyes on things above and always trust in the Lord for all His provision. That is what we have to remind ourselves from time to time.

Last of all, I want to say thank you to you for always taking the initiative to organise lunch and to introduce some fellow christians in our midst. It is indeed a good effort from you in doing this.

So do keep in touch. And take care. - Kat

Ehmm ... thanks guys . Too much praise is not good for a Malaysian . ahah . This is what separates a good company than the nots - the people. Will miss u guys .

Goodbye Western Digital Malaysia

Greetings ,

Life is sometimes akin to a white canvas. One can take some paint and try to work out a picture and enjoy it in the process. Or otherwise. ha-ha . Yet , whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable ... it is perhaps better to be thankful at the positives ( and not forgetting to improve on the rest ) .

I have a very beautiful picture of WDM , mostly due to people like you. Appreciate the work , exchanges , learning and relationship building that happen through the whole 5 years. Though the degree varies between people , it has been wonderful. And my apologies if there are inadequacies in words or action . Special note to my ever patient boss - SY Koo , Ananthi , Kamisah , Jennifer + Fauzi and the HR team.

I wish all the best in your vocation and things that are important to you. I have faith in the prospect of this company to progress further as well as the strength of WD in Malaysia due to your relentless dedication and creative support. Maybe one day our path may meet again.

Today , will pen in the last stroke - not a 'dot' , but a 'exclaimation mark". Pls. keep in touch.

au revoir Dieu benit


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Descecrated Quran - told ya so

Ha .. so this week is the news that confirm a lot of people's suspicion of hangky pangky in the US Army / Politic when they reveal 5 cases of desc. of Quran. This is not the best news for them . and i wish them the best for being so .... insensitive. Nobody likes their treasured items to be humiliated .

At the same time , hope that the Malaysia customs have not thrown / burn away the bibles seized in Port Klang many years ago. Seemed that the consignment has gone missing , maybe thrown into the sea or left unattended somewhere. That will not be a good scenario. At the same time that some Muslims in Malaysia are angry at the US for the mistreatment of the sacred book , the government needs to ensure that we do not go down the same level as the US.

Hey , bila nak kasi balik ni.?

Seized Bahasa Indonesia bibles still held by customs dept Pauline Puah
June 6, 05 2:25pm
Two years after 1,000 Bahasa Indonesia bibles were seized in Port Klang, they remain in the possession of the customs department there.
It is learnt that the seized bibles were imported from Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia, Jakarta. No official reason has been given for the seizure.
The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM), which imported the books, confirmed the situation when contacted today but would not elaborate.
Secretary-general Joel Ng would only say: "What I can say is the BSM is concerned over the matter and has referred it to the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM)."
BSM works with other mission agencies to translate Christian scriptures into Bahasa Malaysia and other languages.
No comments
When contacted, CFM’s newly-elected chairperson Bishop Dr Paul Tan declined to comment on the issue, while custom officials could not be reached for verification.
CFM - an umbrella body comprising the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Malaysia and the Catholic Church of Malaysia - and Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism are trying to secure the release of the bibles.
In April, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz said in Parliament that the government does not allow the distribution of bibles in the Malay language as this could be construed as a move to spread Christianity among Muslims.
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi later clarified that there is no ban on bibles published in the Malay language. However, he said these must be stamped ‘not for Muslims’.
In 2003, the government had attempted to ban bibles published in the Iban language but revoked its decision after a public outcry.

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