Success at 1276 metre of Ledang Mountain, Muar

New Species of bug found on top of Mount Ledang - its a cross between a crab and a cockroach. Btw, it is my head this chap is sitting on. Mr Crabby roachie. Where is sponge bob?
Me very proud to receive the title of the most handsome man ever climbed Mount Ledang. Notice the big flower from Rev Richard.
Here is what Shi-Lynn says about this photo..
"That's a very happy and in-pain bunch of people.
Quincy anad Xian Xi look like they're going to pengsan.
Bobby's like "No way am I doing this again."
The aunties look delighted.
Your roommate looks smug.
Rev Richard looks pleased with himself.
Nam Chan seems happy to have done it the 5th time, even though still no Puteri.
Michelle: "Phew. Painful, man..."
Stefan: "Good experience, but give me Iceland mountains anyday."
Joe: "Me macho! I love pain! Arrgghhh!"
Me: "Woo hooo! I climbed 12 hours nonstop but still look good!"

Ah, Level 1. No sweat, more smiles and more people.
Careful over the log. Would not want to upset my company's 7 million man hour without injury record.
a 45% - 70& climb up the rock. It was really a heroic effort to get up there, and down.
Check point 4 where sweat is dripping into the pools of water. Bless those who are downstream. This place is called Kolam Gajah, or the Elephants Pond. Very nice fisheee around.

Shi and I on top of Muar... the best place in the world. hehe. It was one of the hardest climb that i did. Of course, was out of form and practice and just came back from Beijing two nights before. Notice the big stomach as well? But really praise God that He gave me the strength and friends to bring this thru. Thanks Shi for sending over the individual photos.

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