Japanese Politics

I found a nice link about the current political turmoil in Japan. Of course, the real concern in my heart is with the 21 Koreans who are still held hostage. People whom i did not know are sending smses to pray for their release. I do hope God will facilitate that out.

So, I am keen on the Japanese political condition as the current prime minister , Shintaro Abe has been quite vocal . This piece does make sense to me ...http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/steve_clemons/2007/08/the_sins_of_the_sons.html

Am reminded that tomorrow is Women's summit in KL.... any my company is doing some work. http://www.thewomenssummit.org/learning-labs/communicating-with-confidence/

Add that together and what do you get? A japanese girl. I saw this photo and tot that hey ... she would do swell in a horror show. Her head can twist one leh..

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