"I told you so"

2 things that happen over the week that reaffirms my thought that the world is evil and are unjust for those who are kind. I just want to scream " I told ya so" as what I blogged about came true.

1: Razak Baginda's judgement is not appealed by the prosecutor. The prosecutor made a strong statement after they lost that they will, and I said that it was a 'show'. After a blogger checked with the court and found out that there was still no appeal lodged, the AG people came out with a simple statement that they are not going to appeal . The AG is keeping quiet and hoped that nobody will notice and the reason for not appealing is also flimsy. Is Razak Baginda going to sue the government now for wrong detention? According to this scrip, he will not.

2: Penans help the 2 Petronas chaps who were lost, and in return they will loose their rights when the 500 km pipeline to Bintulu is done ironically by Petronas.... AND not get adequate treatment AND their womenfolk taken advantage of with half hearted attempt to help the victims.

I wish I am wrong about such things but in Malaysia, the rich and powerful rules. Abdul Razak can admit to adultary and JAKIM kept quiet. The UMNO Chief Justice can admit to bribing judges and ACA did not act against it. I guess the rich and powerful must be sniggering at the poor people and says .."I told ya so that I will win at the end of the day"

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