Goodbye President Bush.

'>Goodbye President Bush.

Iraqi journalist throw W Bush his pair of shoe to celebrate his legacy of illegal war in Iraq.

The Dying Chini Lake , Pahang

Chini Lake evokes a different nostalgia to me. It is the very first area that enables my eyes to be opened up to the disparity that our socio-economy-politics enable us. The Orang Asli of the 3 kampungs were in a sorry state. That was about 10 years ago. I went back to Pahang this year to visit the Bera area and it was equally non developing.

Hence, this screaming topic (on a MOnday morning) attracted me. The Pahang Government is seeking help from the Federal Government to revive Tasik Chini which is dying a slow death.

Tasik Chini, the country’s second largest freshwater lake, used to attract
scores of visitors during its lotus blooming season every year but it is dying
due to a number of factors including illegal mining, logging and pollution which
had adversely affected the entire eco-system.

This is where i don't get it. The mining, logging and land development is all under the purview of the Pahang state. They enjoyed the money that comes out of it thru taxes or some personal monetory arrangements. Just go to Taman Negara and one will find the loggers cutting trees while the eco-tourists are passing by. That is the same with Chini and Bera. To demand additional RM4 million to rehabilitate and RM1 million from federal ( my tax money) annually for maintainence work is a joke while someone from the state government is enjoying windfall from these illegal or sanctioned operations. State Health, Local Government and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Hoh Khai Mun is joking, right?

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