What is a Malay?

Contesting Malayness absolutely brings better clarity on the definition of "Malay". I am now reevaluating what Malaysians ( me included !) are taught in our schools. For once, the article did not get the usual rethorics from opposing fanatics as it was dealing with facts and quotations. Do take a look.

Why can't we be like Indonesia? Why can't we be like Sabah and Sarawak ( before annexed by Malaysia)

We must understand and understand this well: Indonesia is not Pakistan, which was born out of religious sentiments. Indonesia is also not Malaysia, where the Hindus are of Tamil descent and most of the Buddhists are of Chinese origin, so the state could label one group as indigenous, therefore deserving special treatment; and the other groups as non-indigenous, therefore able to do without such treatment.

Here, in Indonesia, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians all are indigenous Indonesians, pribumi or bumiputera. They must be treated equally in all manners. Ananda Krishna

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