I chance upon the main page of Utusan yesterday and seemed that they are egging ISA against the BAR council. Go ahead and do it. It will bode well with Rais Yatim’s trip to countries to assure other nations that our judiaciary ( and legal) system are of the highest standing. This certaintly will help him. Is the government setting up the Bar council to nullify them in the face of the Anwar sham?

And on the same page in the online edition, Utusan did a recap of the olmpic highlights. It is ironic to find "Prestasi athlet kita" side by side with another racial posting on " Khalid hina UITM, (hina) orang Melayu" where KJ affliated minister of higher education lambasted Selangor MB for even suggesting that Uitm allows 10% of its quota to be non Malays. The irony is that the country is hoping to strike gold from people from a combination of different races in the olympic and at the same time, makes the non Malays feel that they are second class citizen. How is this going to motivate our atheletes when you know that it is ultimately the colour of the skin that this UMNO-led government looks at?

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