Alison Chang and her birthday do

The whole thing was prepared by her suitor , Mr X. Quite nice food when hungry.
I looked terrible. No place to seat lah. the hair!!
Ex Loreal Staffs- Mua, Yee Min , Alison, Pei Wan

They just went cookoo after I left.
Yes , another birthday do. This time for Ms Chang who is .. ehmm .. of certain age. haha. Skybar in KL city.

Of Elaine Daly and girls

We had quite a nice night out with friends to celebrate Sam's birthday last Friday at Finnegan's Sri Hartamas. What was supposed to be a short affair ended up quite late. But it was quite fun as we were with friends. And as all of them are from L'Oreal, so we had a bunch of beautiful girls and handsome man around that night. Yep, we turned heads all right.

And met Davin who had birthday at the same spot with his gf, Nasa.

Also shook hand with Ms Malaysia 2003, Elaine Daly with her boyfriend. She definately turned head when she came into the pub.

And I must proclaim my first time getting 'hit on' by girls in pub. Well, a girl pulled me up to her friend who was also celebrating her birthday. Said that I was the 'most handsome looking' chap around and to kiss her friend as a birthday gift. Being a good sport ( ahem ) , i relented. haha. They then introduced themselves and I only remember that they are from Fuji Xerox. Well, she then said that her friend is very pretty and single.

"What about you?" She asked.

"Sorry, i am taken but am sure that both of you will have not problem finding man since both of you are pretty. " I answered. They are. Anyway, what a great moment for my manliness. hahah

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