Me and My Chi Muis

Last week, I had my experience of leading a pack of beautiful girls as the chi muis. In chinese weddings, chi muis literally means 'sisters' and is involved in the tradition of the groom picking up the bride. Their main task is to 'test' the groom thru a set of games , riddles or activities. So, this is the first time for me to be a chi mui ... and leading this evil group of feminines. :)

A typical conversation prior to this is..

Joe: Sorry, not free tomorrow. Need to be a chi mui for a friend.

Mr/Ms X: You mean heng tai! ( brothers .. the set of evil masculines that is brought by the grooms)

Joe: No , Chi mui.

Mr/ Ms X: No la, its is called heng tai. ( thinking that my cantonese is bad).

Joe: Well, this time i will be on the bride's side and doing the game.

Mr / Ms X: Gasp, what are u doing there?

Anyway, the ladies and I have fun. See, i can handle 10 girls at once...

From Left: Audrey, Sherinder, Yee Lu, Chris the bride, Julianna, Ed the groom, Shek Kee, Ann, Shi-Lynn, Helena

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