When hunger strikes

I had a more sedentery drive from Pasir Panjang than normal yesterday. Thursday nights is where I go to the National Service camp there to train the kids. This week, I arrived there with 5 boxes of chicken rice and drinks only to find the camp empty of trainees. The food in these camps can be off putting and they really like these once-a-week treats. Thanking the alcohol reeked Punjabi pak guard with a pack of rice, I wonder what I should do next? Its already after Zohor and is dark. I wonder whom can I pass these sweet smelling rice packs to?

.. and almost giving up. Did not find anybody in the strectch of road to pass these food to? The mind races on the next possible steps. Much time have been spent 'petrol'ling areas that I think have possible candidates. Felt like a car hunting for potential women-of-the-nights :) . Port Dickson generally is quite a well off town. Only on one occasion did I meet a person in need of food, but he was looking more at money to feed his drinking habits. Another dilemma is that I can't pass the food to Muslim friends even when the food is cooked by Indonesians. I gave up and think that the excess food should perhaps just go down the rubbish bin or at most my fridge.

As I was driving home, I thought of another hungrier person whom would have enjoyed a warm treat. I decided to turn around and head back to the town. 200 metres away, I saw a shadow by the road and blinked. Upon a close check with a pack of food in my hand, I knew that it was a blessed hunch. She spoke Tamil and I could not understand except the word " Besok". My guess is that she normally waits at this location daily. She said her thanks with her thin hands and I wished her back with both hand clasped.

Find her sitting beside the street near the UMNO/BN Service Centre ( who unfortunately lost in the last General Election)

I met with another elderly gentlemen who spoke no English or Malay at the Port Dickson Bus terminal. Am glad that the youth beside him translated for me. " Suppadu?" I asked and he took the box of rice. If the youth is not his kindship, I am honoured that he stuck around to this elderly gentlemen. The third gentlemen was collecting cardboards and was hostile when I pass him the food box. After speaking in dialet, he seemed to be convinced after looking at the pack of food.

I am not hungry any more but satisfied that the gesture was small yet appreciated and the food was not a waste. I do understand the parable of banquet. As i reflect, it is true that you will not find until you know what to look. And now that I find that there are people whom we can help in our doorsteps, what is our response? For one, as simple as packing up food that we can't finish consuming, drive out of your normal radius and start looking. I think it is doable especially at my work area. We have a lot of food in our functions normally. That is why I am so fat nowadays.

But it did not stop me from chowing this down :)

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