What happen when your embarassing moment came out in company newspaper?

Laugh at it then .:)

Fasha Sandar Moment

Akademi Fantasia star 2006 . Check it out

Farewell kisses

I have never been kissed on a farewell dinnner before but it happened. Normally we just shook hand and perhaps eat a bit more. Yes , the ladies in my old company were very sad , distressed and what-nots that their favourite man is leaving the company. :)

And it was amazing that they surround me , hold me down and practically 'mouth'lested me. Amazing.

Here are some 'evidences' , of which I dun mind. haha. these are taken in slow-mo , rehearsing the actual event. had a few cuts in between.

Event : My connect year 2 - surprise dinner
Place :Assam and Garam , One Bangsar
Date : 30th October 2006

Kerang Annual Dinner

Yo, so ... update on my new company. pretty cool that in 3 weeks , there are so many events that has happened. First , have these dinners for hari raya and Deepavali. and it was rather cool as it is done in the Kerang Sports Club that overlooks the sea. At sunset and during the night, there is this spot there that is too heavenly beautiful for couples. of course, i only imagines.

and we had the family day at a place called Angkasa. did not go as it was the first saturday that i was here.

but was in Sunway Resort when we had the annual dinner. with a simple theme called the Simply Red , it was quite a daring motto for us. Well , for a company that has a big percentage of men .. i guess it can be termed as 'daring'. i wore my pink candy cane shirt here. hohoh

The best act for the night is by this group called Reggie and the flintstones.. or something like that. they were very funny , and it was just pure fun hearing Reggie talk. He seemed to be around the clubs as some of the 'older' generation can identify him and knows that he was the 'hot stuff' last time in Damansara clubs.

Low point : Parking congestion in Sunway Pyramid / Resort. Lousy planning i must say...

Port Dickson

How many times i marvel at the sea on the way and back to work and still do not believe that i am now working in the genteel town of Port Dickson. Situated 90 km away from the jam packed ( yet more happening ) city of KL, PD is a gem of a town. Well, it used to be a shinning gem ....

anyway, traffic is pretty good except on weekends. I have my own apartment with 3 bedrooms and a lot of space. And it overlooks the sea.. again. ah ... pleasure. It is a nicely furnished place with lots of amenities thrown in. Of course, i have to add in some joseph touch and bought some of my stuff over .... and in a black elements ... and some nice pics ...

Overally , nothing much to do here. i did finish one book and had a bit more sleep nowadays. and a bit more sports as well. but the funny things is that i tend to eat more. i guess the people here don't have much other things to do than to ... eat. Lunch , breakfast , supper .. u name it ... people will start calling each other out for a drink. it is the social thingie here.

Took some pics but will upload that up another day when i have the bluetooth again. till then...

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