Who is Legend?

Will Smith has captured my heart again with his potrayal as the single survivor of the human race in "I am Legend". The human issues that he bring is real & so are the emotions. This is a 'thinking' movie category, the sort that I don't mind watching & reflecting long after. Resident Evil is about action and pretty Milla Javovich strutting around without a scratch. Here, the law of nature is more real that the law of Hollywood. But what I loved about the show is the title - it is not about Will Smith as a hero, but how he decides that determines it.

The show also explore about God .. does it exist that predetermines the life and plan of the actors in it? And the answer is Yes! Theologically sound ( vis a vis The Golden Compass who believes that man is the destiny), graphically distint, a solid storyline, gripping adventure & plain good acting.

And in Malaysia, there are people who are fighting for justice & equality currently & I am a firm supporter. THe movie starts with an experiment to cure cancer that goes wrong.As a country that achieves independence for 44 years, we also started well but the mismanagement has taken its toll. Would any Will Smiths stand up, raise your hand and start making right decisions? We have to work as if our life is for eternity, the right decisions as our life will end tomorrow.

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