Why does the KL Muslim Department need the body of a so called Muslim convert ?

Kuala Lumpur - the biggest embarasment to the nation at the end of 2005 is not the police treatment of foreign national story . Instead , it is the court fight between a widow and a 'very free - nothing to do' Islamic institution of Kuala Lumpur. The widow of the deceased wanted to bury the dead but the Islamic institution brought the case up to the court as they wanted to bury the dead instead. Talk about REALLY nothing better to do - come and wash my car le. Heck , conspiracy theorist believe that the current director of this institution is the ACTUAL father of this indian gentlemen. We are sceptical of such claim yet it makes logical sense why they so desperate to bury the evidences :). So , lets go with a top 5 of idiotic reason why these government officers defy pure logic

5. Fight for every scrap of convert. These are stars to show in the year end appraisal and perhaps a 2 month bonus is on hand.
4. There is a lack of muslim cemetary in KLang valley so we must fill up the current ones (??!!!) Then the overstaffed law department can go to court and take cemetaries belonging to other people.
3. Syariah court needs more challenge than just divorce cases. Of course , the result of the case is normally a formality akin to a win for the male in divorce cases.
2. Need attention - this institution and the syariah court are the pariah of the press. "look at me .. I am important ..."
1. Malaysia gemilang , cemerlang , terbilang , termashyur diketawakan orang.

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