In Colhester for the weekend

On Sunday, went to All Souls church in Oxford Circus. This would be one of the church to be part of in London theologically. A metropolitan church with a mixture of cultures reflecting the christian promise that all are called to be children of God. It is structured and they have a wonderful team of classical musicians that uplifts. The sermon is theologically strong & loads of middle class and above worshippers.
(2 All Souls Pl, London, W1B 3DA, United Kingdom‎ - 020 75803522)
New songs to try : Come praise the name of Jesus ( Christopher Idle)
Jesus draw me ever nearer ( Margaret Becker & Keith Getty)
Jesus Christ you came into this world to rescue me ( Noel Richards @ Thankyou Music)
Met Sarah who hails from Vancouver, finished her postgraduate in Toronto and working in the social service line. I do observe a lot of postgraduates around.
A day in Colhester
Oh, it was a lovely day in the outskirst of London to meet with my former lecturer from UPM and her husband. Ms Ho has been a dear Christian leader in our student ministry who has given so much care and attention to her students. I remember speaking to her about relationships and crying together in our struggles. Her husband was my support group mentor who mentors the cell group leaders of the day. Both of them introduced me to work with the orang asli and to go beyond my own preference to help others. We had a wonderful day to watch Bluebelle and other flowers in the park with their kids and friends ( Andy and Wai Mun, with Michael and Adam). Fred, Wai Fong and myself then walked to the town where we tried to get cheap wind breakers for myself but i was a tad too choosy.
I also have a good time to catch up on the reality of the social fabric in United Kingdom. While it is invisible in London, the mood in the smaller towns are more visible. The story of single mothers who are immensely young ( from 16 years old above) to be able to obtain welfare houses is a shocker. They create subsequent challenges where the children does not get supportive parenting, resulting in children that seemingly with issues and anger. I saw a young mother pushing a pram and smoking. I saw groups of children lepaking in the evening with typical 'gangster' based behaviour of intimidation. Thirdly, the single parents tries to find different partners. The culture of staying together without official marriage legitimacy creates another set of issues & more breakdown of the family institution. Families where the parents choses to stay together when able and where the siblings maybe from different relationships. It is all too confusing for an adult like me, and I emphatize with the childrens who tries to make sense of their life.

Colhester Town

The main tourist attraction, a medieval castle.

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