Worth Every Cents

What can you do with RM0.50 cents nowadays?

The 2008 Thaipusam coverage in NTV7 via The Breakfast show reeks of political opportunism. They showcased Batu Caves where MIC politicians ( instead of religious sami) came in to praise themselves. SMS and phone calls are in the tune of " Oh , thank you government for being so caring" or something non-threatening. Incensed, decided to spend RM0.50 to put a message on the mssg board. It was a gamble as I could be caught. And was quite sure that the SMS will not be published. I knew that my message got to be sinister enought not to be sanctioned, so this is my best try:-

TBS Best Thaipussam wishes to all believers. Avoid using this as a political platform in respect of the day lar. Joe.

The phone vibrates back.

RM0.50. Thank you for your feedback.
From the breakfast show team. the show waking up for.

Am I just another RM0.50?
Since I woke up very early for this, I guess that I just need to wait for my message to come. It will be best if it comes during the next Putra MIC sermon about how great they are with my message flashing accross.

Waited .. and waited.

More 'nice' messages...

Giving up, went to the fridge to raid. Got the last piece of Bak Kua. As i was munching the microwaved bak kua, the miracle happened.

See, she is doing her religious duties and some chaps just want to take advantage of the situation. MIC, Give us a break. And it looked less that 1 million people to me than claimed.
Best RM0.50 cents spent. Hope many people saw that and figured that the message is not for the 'baddies'.

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