Anybody out there?

It was an eventful 2009 in terms of job; where I felt that for the first time in many years, it was a fruitless pursuit. Imagine having all the fun working in London yet longing to be something more. And having a good life there just make the sense stronger.

I wanted to quit and do something else.

As it turns out, I moved to a new job and things seemed to have a turn for the better. Was volunteered to facilitate a high level meeting in Miri and took the opportunity to extend my weekend by visiting middle Baram again.

In summary, the villagers are still suffering with little help from anybody else but their faith /themselves ... I hope. It was a fruitful discussion, yet i know that the stake are high and am not sure how to move forward.

Basically, giving fish is easier than teaching people how to fish.. esp. when one is not a fisherman. I was able to engage some Oxford chap about developing localized technology that uses river power. Have also got some link from loving Christians whose South African root is in agriculture and technology. And recently, was linked to a landlady who implements micro credit and knows another person from Indonesia who concorted a super fertilizer formula. But none of this is concrete ... till just now.

In short, there is donation available to help this village (Long Ikang) in Middle Baram. They suffer 2-3 times of flooding per year and is now affected by drought. Any rice produce is for self sustenance.

Here is the strategy:-
1. Rework on the irrigation channel by building 2 ponds and irrigation ways.
2. This includes a supply of water pump to draw out water during flood and to draw water in during drought. The pump will be shared with another village nearby.
3. Explore the feasibility of pig farming with the eye on diversification of income. Planting of food vegetation and usage of pig manure as fertilizer to complete the chain. Possibily under micro credit scheme for motivation.
4. Work out the distribution channel to ensure that products can be shipped to the 2 nearby towns.

So, all we need now is a person whom can help to monitor and ensure that the project can be carried out. This person can be a volunteer or even have his time paid in allowance in ensuring that the project are developed and tracked. We need a local, a Sarawakian man ( for safety reason) who can devote time in visiting and tracking the progress. And till now, we can't find that person yet. So, if you have any desire or knows someone who is willing to do a short term help, please drop us a note.

Even as we speak, this village was flooded last week by the water from the mountains compounded by the lack of vegetation cover.

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