Lina's Response

This is a serious degradation of our rights. Kudos to CJ Sabah/Sarawak Richard Melanjum for spotting the many mistakes of the defence case. There is no point if majority decision is again used as both other Judges would not want to stir up problems and drive down their popularity vote. Since the assault on Judiacy in 1988, the Malaysian legal careers are more interwined with politics. How sad.

Nation Thursday May 31, 2007
Lina unhappy with decision
KUALA LUMPUR: Lina Joy is extremely unhappy with the Federal Court judgment.
“I am disappointed that the Federal Court is not able to vindicate a simple but important fundamental right that exists in all persons; namely, the right to believe in the religion of one's choice and equally important, the right to marry a person of one's choice and to raise a family in the Malaysia context.
“The Federal Court has not only denied me that right but to all Malaysians who value fundamental freedoms,” she told The Star, through her solicitor Benjamin Dawson.
“I am hoping that my case would have made a difference to the development of constitutional issues in the plight of many others.”
Asked whether she would leave Malaysia for good, Lina, who is believed to be overseas at present, said: “It would extremely difficult to exercise freedom of conscience in the present environment.”
Lina, 42, was born Azlina Jailani to Malay parents. She was brought up as a Muslim but at the age of 36 became a Christian.
In 1999, she managed to change the name in her identity card to Lina Joy but the National Registration Department retained her religion in the card as Islam.
On April 23, 2001, the High Court refused to decide on her application to renounce Islam as her religion on grounds that the issue should be decided by the Syariah Court. It also dismissed her application for an order to direct the department to drop the word “Islam” from her identity card.
On Sept 19, 2005, the Court of Appeal, in a majority decision, also rejected her appeal.

The day Islamic Law is higher than Malaysian Constitution

Apalling!! My rights are taken away just like that! With the line of argument that Islamic law was here earlier than British Laws, the lawyers for government and both consenting Muslim judges forgot that our country .. Malaysia .. was build with the integrity and respect of the law of the day. If this set of law did not help us to come to our state yesterday, which set of law did? The Syariah law? Untill year 2000, the syariah law is on par with traditional courts of Sabah and Sarawak. And today, Syariah seemed to supercede our Constitution.

Islam has higher status in Malaysia
PUTRAJAYA: Islam has a higher status than other faiths in Malaysia, said a lawyer holding a watching brief for the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association.

Pawancheek Marican said Article 11 of the Constitution restricted propagation of other religions to Muslims.
“Our Constitution favours Islam. Islamic law is part of the law of our country,” he said.

Another lawyer, Zulkifli Nordin, who is holding a watching brief for the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), said there were rules for Muslims to follow before they could renounce Islam.
“These rules are the Quranic law and the sunnah,” he said.

And again, the argument that something earlier is better and correct. If that is so, i guess the Hindu and Buddhist law should be even earlier. Or the traditional coursts in Sabah /Sarawak should have the same weightage.

“We have to take into account that Islam was here from the 13th century. The Malay Sultanate became Muslim and, later, its people,” he said, adding that the system was interrupted with the intrusion of colonial powers.
“The law that was applied then was Islamic law and several centuries later, Malaysia became a fully Islamic country.”
He said everything about the Malays then was governed by Islam and Malay customs. On the other hand, British law was limited and based on Christianity.
“Unfortunately, the British were the stronger party and had their way on what should be Malay customs and Muslim law,” he said, questioning the need to conform to the British legal system after the country’s independence.

Sulaiman said the Malaysian Constitution was unique in that it had a special place for Islam.
He added, however, that Muslims could not declare their renunciation of Islam without the involvement of religious authorities because there would be Constitutional repercussions.
“For instance, one may declare himself a Muslim in the morning and by the evening he is not a Muslim. Or, he is a Muslim when it’s time for zakat and not a Muslim during the fasting month,” he said.
This prompted Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim to ask: “Are you saying that a Buddhist can be a Buddhist in the morning and a Christian in the evening?”
Sulaiman answered there was nothing to stop anyone from doing so.

So, should there be something that stop people from doing so ? Either other religions have their own courts but fundamentally, stopping someone from doing the thing that they decide is already against the spirit of freedom. And in specific to religion, it is against article 11. CJ Ahmad is not wise enough to spot that.

He said several legal representatives of non-governmental organisations had, in their submissions last week, made attacks on the position of Islam.
“That is a total reversal of what the Government had set out to achieve,” he said.
The NGOs had supported the view of Justice Gopal Sri Ram, who gave his dissenting judgment in the Court of Appeal, that the NRD’s refusal to make the amendment in Lina’s identity card without an order or certificate from the Syariah Court was null and void.

I believe it is not attacks on Islam as the respect on the constitution requires it.The challenge is the arbitary changes that happens , deviating from the original intent of it. It is a defense against a system designed to do so. So, is Sulaiman admitting that the government has a hand in this?

Anyway, i believe this is the best 50th year Merdeka gift that all non- Muslims receive from our government. The court is not only leaking water this year.

Lina Joy's decision today

KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Court judgment today on the Lina Joy appeal will be a historic one with legal and social repercussions, whichever way the decision goes.

This decision by the apex court will affect one’s constitutional freedom to choose one’s religion as well as who one can marry, especially for those who want to renounce Islam and for people who convert to Islam but later want to revert to their former religion.

May our constitution be uphold.

Crooked Ms Universe party

First, congratulations to Riyo Mori for winning this year's pegeant. Japan , India, Philipines seemed to be the only country in Asia who is able to produce there talents till now. Korea is up and coming with 'upgraded' models overhang. Perhaps also made a point to Malaysia, Singapore and some other Asian country who traditionally favoured a Caucasion mixed blood over more Asian looks. Ala manga. Yes, she deserves the win.I have not watched any of these competition for some years now and i guess she has the 'liao' for it.

Anyway, this is still a flesh trade.

Am sure Amsterdam have this as well. Cheap sale.

And no thanks to Donal Trump. Ever wonder why Ms America always seemed to be able to make it no matter how bad things are? And rightly , pegeant is also a political arena and a whole seedy affair. I guess the Swedes are right that the competition does not reflect modern women. It still abides by old rules of American hamegomy.
'WE' can lie, bomb, force ... even making a big boo boo and still 'win'. If a boss makes a mistake, it is innovation. If a mah chai, it is still a mistake.

The reason the predominantly Mexican crowd was booing Miss USA's selection into the final five following Rachel Smith's nasty fall on stage during the evening gown competition probably had less to do with a US immigration policy towards Mexico than the star-studded assembly of US-born judges that helped boost her into the final five.

Some conspiracy theorists have even suggested that these judges settled for an Asian woman to win knowing that Miss USA could not possibly take the crown while punishing the Mexican crowd by ensuring that the two Latin American representatives would not win either (heavily favored Miss Venezuela and Miss Brazil). That theory doesn't come into play with the other Asian delegate, Miss Korea (Honey Lee) who was also among the favorites compared to big 22 to 1 underdog, Miss Japan.

The Mexican crowd booed Miss USA when she first began answering her surprise question but cheered her at the end, perhaps realizing she did not deserve their hostilities. It was reported that NBC warned the angry crowd during the commercial break that by booing Miss USA, they would set a bad precedent for the world to see.

But what the world saw was the make up of judges who included: NBC's "Heroes" James Kyson Lee, NBC's "Deal or No Deal" briefcase model Lindsay Clubine, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, rocker Dave Navarro, and champion figure skater Michelle Kwan. Marc Bouwer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where he studied fashion and won the South African Vogue Young Designer Award, but he currently resides in New York.

"A more diverse group of judges is needed," expressed Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien. "I think the Mexican crowd was reacting to a global perception that the US is seen as too influential perhaps and this was illustrated by the make up of the judges and its ability to ensure Miss USA made it into the final 5 after she fell."
There was also booing for pageant owner Donald Trump, who brushed off the reaction to Miss USA as a response to the controversial US immigration policy

I like weddings

Interesting photo , candid yet with sombre lighting .. bringing the best out of the mudane make up session.

A practice before the crowd comes. Notice the abundance of brown/ matte colour?

Well, mostly of other people's for sure. Used to hold the title of the Yam Seng game expert during weddings. but i guess it is not a position to be held by a person who is not married yet. The repurcussion can be extensive if mine comes. Beware my future wife!!

Ouch, my stomach looks full.

Anyway, another wedding of a good friend whom we had the joy of working to gether in WD. I look very ah pek but her candid photos are great!

They seemed to enjoy this part the best in all the picture. The Yam Seng photogeniety:)

What to do when your iPod Freezes

Incredible. My ipod died freezing this morning. So, I was without music all the way down from KL to Port Dickson. Talk about ultimate boredom... and panic. But thank God for Google, for then i found the solution.

1. Make sure your hold switch is off by sliding the switch away from the headphone jack. (so you see no orange under the switch)
2. Press and hold the following combination of buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds to reset the iPod.

- iPod 1G to 3G: “Menu” and “Play/Pause”- iPod 4G+ (Photo, Video, Nano and Mini): “Menu” and “Select”
- iPod Mini or 4th gen iPod or higher (nano, video, photo), then you need to depress the Menu and Select buttons, not the Menu and Play button, to restart. The Select button is the center button in the middle of the wheel.
3. Upon reset your will see the iPod name and the Apple logo before it advances to the main Menu.

Go Apple!!

Liverpool KaKa-oed

A Winner!!
My childhood team won the Champion's league title 2007 with a convincing 2-1 victory over hapless Liverpool. The Red and Black team of ageing players were able to combine it with adequate youth of Oddo, Jankaulauski and of course , Kaka.

A pleasant & religious man, he was man marked for a long time this morning. Created the first goal by getting a free kick and a delicious slide rule pass to Inzaghi for the second, to me he is the edge of the team. And he celebrated the victory by giving thanks to God ( ala the picture) and revealing a shirt that says " I Belong to Jesus". Amen to that. ___________________________________________________________________

And Malaysia's perennial sore looser ..
Well, i do hope our ex RTM chief / current Mis-Information Minister is right about bloggers in Malaysia. That we shiok (pleasure) each other by reading each other's 'lies' via blog. Hopefully no Liverpool fan will read my comment about their team's loss yesterday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Political web blogs have a very small following of about 20,000 people, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said.

"Only that number out of the 11 million Internet users in the country are actively involved in political blogs. The political bloggers just write for each other to read; they are not a threat," he added.

US is number One in the world!!

Over the weekend, i watched this show called the "Flag of our fathers". At the same time, another show"Letters from Iwo Jima" . Both movie incidentally is made about the same time and about the battle of Iwo Jima, an island near Japan in 1944/45. One is from the American perpective and the other , from Japanese. Quite surreal on all the killings that happen. It questions the basic reason of survival and the respect for humanity. I think that there is more respect for the rules of fair play and the essense of humanity during that time. Yet, a ghastly reminder that winning the war does not make a nation great. One of the 'heroes' of American flagging is an American Indian whom did finally die for his country. Yet, he was alone and marginalized becoz of who he is.

The Great US.
Frida Brenigan
First in Oil Consumption:
The United States burns up 20.7 million barrels per day, the equivalent of the oil consumption of China, Japan, Germany, Russia, and India combined.

First in Carbon Dioxide Emissions:
Each year, world polluters pump 24,126,416,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the environment. The United States and its territories are responsible for 5.8 billion metric tons of this, more than China (3.3 billion), Russia (1.4 billion), and India (1.2 billion) combined.

First in External Debt:
The United States owes $10.040 trillion, nearly a quarter of the global debt total of $44 trillion.
First in Military Expenditures:
The White House has requested $481 billion for the Department of Defense for 2008, but this huge figure does not come close to representing total U.S. military expenditures projected for the coming year. To get a sense of the resources allocated to the military, the costs of the global war on terrorism, of the building, refurbishing, or maintaining of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and other expenses also need to be factored in.


Success at 1276 metre of Ledang Mountain, Muar

New Species of bug found on top of Mount Ledang - its a cross between a crab and a cockroach. Btw, it is my head this chap is sitting on. Mr Crabby roachie. Where is sponge bob?
Me very proud to receive the title of the most handsome man ever climbed Mount Ledang. Notice the big flower from Rev Richard.
Here is what Shi-Lynn says about this photo..
"That's a very happy and in-pain bunch of people.
Quincy anad Xian Xi look like they're going to pengsan.
Bobby's like "No way am I doing this again."
The aunties look delighted.
Your roommate looks smug.
Rev Richard looks pleased with himself.
Nam Chan seems happy to have done it the 5th time, even though still no Puteri.
Michelle: "Phew. Painful, man..."
Stefan: "Good experience, but give me Iceland mountains anyday."
Joe: "Me macho! I love pain! Arrgghhh!"
Me: "Woo hooo! I climbed 12 hours nonstop but still look good!"

Ah, Level 1. No sweat, more smiles and more people.
Careful over the log. Would not want to upset my company's 7 million man hour without injury record.
a 45% - 70& climb up the rock. It was really a heroic effort to get up there, and down.
Check point 4 where sweat is dripping into the pools of water. Bless those who are downstream. This place is called Kolam Gajah, or the Elephants Pond. Very nice fisheee around.

Shi and I on top of Muar... the best place in the world. hehe. It was one of the hardest climb that i did. Of course, was out of form and practice and just came back from Beijing two nights before. Notice the big stomach as well? But really praise God that He gave me the strength and friends to bring this thru. Thanks Shi for sending over the individual photos.

Beijing Zoo and Forbidden City

Why is the girl strutting herself like that? hehe. Handcraft stones of 9 metre or something, i overheard.

Amazing detail on the garden chalet.

Chinese seemed to have affection for old trees. I remember bringing a communist party secretary to Malacca and he kept wanting to take picture with old trees. These couple examplifies that.

Peony in spring. Lie down on my back on the bench in the zoo.. like the rest of the population who lazed around in gardens and on grass. The wind added fizz to the whole feeling.

The carnivor section full of children making a racket. Left and right are the cages and the condition is not the greatest. The king

Inching closer as their daughter asked them to stand together. Rather cute moment as the adjusted their closeness.
Ah.. loads of people in Forbidden city.. and so huge...

Emperor - everybody wants to be one .. esp if one have 9000 concubine.

Mr Panda is very sleepy. He was licking his lips in boredom.

One of the only panda that is close enough and awake.I look sleepy in this picture instead.

Now i understand why ancient chinese royalty likes to sit by the pond and enjoy the scenary. wonderful stuff.

Another tranquil moment with family members.

The door to the zoo is rather huge and nice. The best pic out of many tries.

The similarity of both place? Keeping precious things in and other things out. :)

Food Glorious Food

We started off with McD and then a Muslim food restaurant in FeiHong Jing. The muslim food tastes awful, but we had quite a nice Chinese beer there. Look out for purpleish bottle. It tastes almost like water but potent, at 7.5% alcohol level.

The morning lady who seats us in the Traders Hotel, who is an eye candy for the rest of the businessman. Oh, they have fashion show with tall lanky lady with techno soundtrack during lunch. Robert Kuok sure knows how to win a man's heart.

Nice Pork ribs, fist size at Little Mao Family restaurant. I ate half of this with gusto.
For the Muslim, its fried rice, fish and prawn with coke. It is quite hard to get a decent Muslim restaurant nearby.
Some nice Beijing and Taiwanese fusion food. The best if the greens with salted beans.
Noosha was looking for Beijing duck and we end up at Silk Street level 6 to have half a duck. The environment was very oriental and food was great. The chef came out to chop chop.
Look at the duck skin dripping with oil.
A night out with the guys at Bar street's Brown. It is similar to Finnigans in Bangsar where working people congregate.. except the music. Just awful.With Connie, Ting Ting and Mohsin.

Funan Food at He Hai. Pork, tuna, duck feet, bird of some kind and probably pork with egg yolk. Healthy stuff.
Finally , doggie for food. hehe. Kidding. street vendor with super cute dogs. Saw loads of Pekingnese on the street.

Trip to Mutianyu Great Wall of China, Beijing

Fab 5- Myself, Connie , Suri, Noosha and Mohsin

From the cable car station to the great wall. Great beauty with greens everwhere.

We started the journey at 6.30 a.m. The air was still misty and cold as we headed up to the highway to Mutianyu. The guide was a lady called Linda and her 'brother' whom we observed was a bit more than that.

Panting up the wall. Have wondered why the steps in China as so small..

Welcome you to ....

The Tobaggan ride. Made in German technology and it braked pretty well too.:)

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