Flip Flopping Abdullah Government

The government has decided to go against its initial decision, so ALLAH is again exclusive to Malaysian Muslims. If you are a non Muslim or a non-Malaysian Muslim, you should not use this word. Wait, you can say it but not write it down or read it. (huh!?)

Actually, am tired to continue writing about this issue. It is like a yo-yo of emotion. When you think that the country management has got the facts right ( from expert inputs etc. ) , they let you down again. This time, the raison de taire is paraphrased to "since the law is already there, we need to uphold it". Wow, since when Malaysian government cared so much about its law or even constitution!! We just changed our constitution to allow an 'independent' Election committee chairman to last till he conducts the next General Election.(oh, he even knows the date of the election even though the PM does not) We even have a law that outlaws oral sex. Are we going to uphold that against Chua Soil Lek?

Christians: Allah ban hurts Malaysia’s moderate Muslim image
“Allah” may mean “God” everywhere else, but not in Malaysia
Anger over Malaysia 'Allah' ban

Double shame
Christians in Malaysia are shamed!!

Last Christmas it was the small issue of turkey that happens a week before Christmas creating an artificial shortage. Yes, the cry was against imported turkey that does not have "HALAL" certifications ( what?!) so this year turkeys cost 3x more since nobody wants to import them anymore. This is chicken feed.

So, the government decided to go one better this year!
1. Prior to Christmas 2008 - Ban on the usage of Allah word, hold the Catholic church and East Malaysia Evangelical Church to ransom. These 2 churches decided to ask for justice through our blameless courts.
2. In public Christmas message, Gerakan lap dog acting president Koh Tsu Koon asked "Those who celebrate Christmas" to "respect Islam as the official religion".
3. On Christmas day, Prime Minster Abdullah Ahmad Badawi did one better by reiterating the ban on the word "Allah" in a Christmas muhibbah open house organized by the Council of Churches Malaysia.
This is textbook PR faux pass.

In YOUR Face!
Who cares about what Christians think or feel? And they keep thinking aloud!
The government will now show you the Ketuanan Melayu, chew your Christian bones and spit it out! :)
That is too strong but that is about it.
Thanks for treating your citizens in this honoured way. In fact, we would not know of this flip flop if not for internet. As our belated Christmas present, would like to issue a call to all Christians in Malaysia to use the next General Election as a referendum AGAINST the ruling party. The ruling party will do all the best to shower you with promises and gift but remember this moment when you cast the vote. The fact is shown that promises will be broken & rules / laws/ constitution will be bent when they got your vote. This Caesar does not deserve our vote and support.

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