Liverpool KaKa-oed

A Winner!!
My childhood team won the Champion's league title 2007 with a convincing 2-1 victory over hapless Liverpool. The Red and Black team of ageing players were able to combine it with adequate youth of Oddo, Jankaulauski and of course , Kaka.

A pleasant & religious man, he was man marked for a long time this morning. Created the first goal by getting a free kick and a delicious slide rule pass to Inzaghi for the second, to me he is the edge of the team. And he celebrated the victory by giving thanks to God ( ala the picture) and revealing a shirt that says " I Belong to Jesus". Amen to that. ___________________________________________________________________

And Malaysia's perennial sore looser ..
Well, i do hope our ex RTM chief / current Mis-Information Minister is right about bloggers in Malaysia. That we shiok (pleasure) each other by reading each other's 'lies' via blog. Hopefully no Liverpool fan will read my comment about their team's loss yesterday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Political web blogs have a very small following of about 20,000 people, Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin said.

"Only that number out of the 11 million Internet users in the country are actively involved in political blogs. The political bloggers just write for each other to read; they are not a threat," he added.

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