Uncle Lim ah

Mr Lim Kit Siang shot his own feet yesterday and incur the wrath of many for his outburst. I totally disagree with the initial story of DAP CEC's instruction to stay away from the inauguration of Perak's Chief Minister. But the Perak DAP decided to go against his wishes.

Think as a government and not opposition la in coffeeshop. Sikit sikit boycot.

Anyway, like a real gentlemen that he is, he apologised to the Sultan & Regent of Perak whom I ( and many others ) respect for his kindness and intelligence.

While MCA and UMNO may laugh at him, he has shown higher sense of integrity by realising his mistake and apologizing for it. It is better than any of the PKFZ scandal ( MCA ) or various UMNO mistakes that were looked down due to their own arrogance.

And after studying the new MB's record, he is a person with high credentials. Lets not look at racial and religious but competency.

Please be careful Mr Lim. TQ for your struggles all this year and your intelligence.
Shoulder on.

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