From Business Class to First Class

This is the day of amazement. I was looking forward to my first taste of business class seat. Arriving at the hotel in the wee morning of 7.25 am, I dully checked in at the special counter.

"Are you giving me my reserved seat?" I asked.

"No, i will not give you your reserved seat. " , the check in man said to the shock of his colleague. "But i will give you a first class seat instead" he smiled and continued.

And I have a Pass to the lounge..
first , i have to find it. :)
Kampung boy..
Oh , this is the FIRST CLASS LOUNGE - not your bz class lounge . haahahha

It was quite a treat coming up to a zen like designed lounge in KLIA. And to add to the surprises , i met my old boss from Loreal who was flying to Singapore. We had a warm shake and small chat before he rushes off.

And did i forget to mention haagen Daaz buffet?

Again , alone and do not know what to do. There are basically everything here , even the kitchen sink. Its free. There is a place to sleep, a lot of chairs and free food and drinks. I had a lot of the good stuff ( being the greedy man ) and topped with a shot of champange. There is also internet , OSim chairs and even a gym. Wow.
Yum... my french blood here

Anyway,as good things come in threes .. i wondered what is next. Perhaps the last 'goodies' is that the plane got resheduled to 11.55 am timing. I just wasted 2 hours here. But hey , there is still the champange...

The delicious Andaman, Langkawi

Imagine going to a 5 star hotel deep in lush jungle with a RM1000 per night price tag. This is the Andaman in Langkawi. North MalaysiaAn Eye gawking entrance with a super wood structure.
The interesting restaurant design brings chic to nature. Breakfast here costs RM88 ++. wow..

Have the priveledge of doing a hotel audit. Traditionally done by anathor department and I got it this time as was planning a meeting plan for my company. Imagine having this job to evaluate hotels. amazing.

The road to the hotel passes over a tunnel with a waterfall besides it. It was quite a show. i do think that it is a man made structure cause the next times i passes over it , the water was adequotely missing.

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