Visit to Manukan Island

Welcome to Sabah's Manukan Island , a short 30 minute boat trip fro Jesselton point

The birds were in the tree. It was a fabulous place. most of the places in Sabah are better maintained than Peninsular.
Love the mix of colours here. The few islands the form the Tengku Abdul Rahman Park.
Does not help staring at the sun with a chinese sepet eye.
Godzilla at work!!
Can see the pebbles under the water. The fishes are there and also the corals. Nice spot to snorkel.
A Pinoy girl called Cathy posing for me.
Back to mainland. The cloud is approaching.
Men near the market. They will set up their "singer" sewing machine under any shade. Alter your jeans for RM5 only. And, all of them are men!!
Lady helping out her mom with this delicious round delicacy. tried 3. not bad, but oily.
A whole bag of dried sea horses!! How can they kill these things?

Bought some frozen seafood from KK Airport. Steam teochew style. The fish was yummy and the flesh was flaky. Good fish.

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