New law on "Islamic Family Law"

Apparently, the "The draft of the proposed Islamic Family Law ( Federal Territories) Amendment Bill will be "re-circulated" to the ministers before it is brought to the Cabinet for final approval."

Have anyone seen this bill before? Even in blogsphere, nothing has been said or leaked. This must be a highly guarded document then.

In fact, The Attorney General continued that “Previously, we had consulted all relevant parties including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), muftis, Interfaith Council and the Syariah Judiciary Department, through a series of meetings. And some of their views have been put in the draft."

Excuse me.. i tot government have rejected these so called non- Muslim Interfaith Council proposal?
Which Interfaith council is this?
What is their recommendations? Which part is accepted?
Would the government really take recommendations of non Muslims on a Muslim bill?

Come on ... this sounds fishy.

This bill would probably give legal standing to abuses that has been perpetuated by a gutless civil court who chipped away our constitutional right and a biased Syariah court. Unless we see what it the content of the bill, the government should keep refining it and not push it through.

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