Racist official newsletter from the top Malaysian University

Translation from Malay Language to English
Therefore, I as the Head of Graduates of University of Malaya would like to advice all our fellow graduates of University of Malaya to combine forces and prepare ourselves together with all the necessary knowledge and preparation before we continue our fight in the actual battle field. This advice implies mainly to our Malay Graduates.

We must treasure the sacrifices made by our ancestors which tried so hard to ensure that Tanah Melayu ( Malay Land ) is free from the intrusion of alien races. We must not fall into the category of those who forgets their roots until they will be taken over by other races. Graduates must prove themselves that we are capable and the best choice to take over the throne of governing the country in the future. This implies with the theme of MPMUM Progressive, Dynamic, Professional. There is nothing more important that can compared to our always-sensitive and improving Graduates. I also would like to advice all Malay Graduates to prepare ourselves to face all eventualities in near future, seeing that most of the issues are raised by the non-Malay races. Don't let ourselves to slack and allow our 'enemies under the blankets to attack us' (direct translation from the Malay idiom). Don't allow 'our'(Malay) Malaysia to fall into the hands of those who are who are not entitled to it.

I hope this is not a call for people to 'prepare' to physically fight those nasty 'other' race. It is always the other races that is weaker, more terrible, evil , lousy than your race.
I wonder why this gentlemen thinks that he is greater than others, since he is the 'head' of the political system in University Malaya. Maybe he feels that he has reached the pinnacle of power. I hope he does not forget that the 'real' world nowadays are borderless and what he does in the power tower will be documented and available for his potential employers. For those in Malaysia, you would note that his name (and his father) sounded Indonesian. If we can accept Indonesia and morphed them as Malays, I hope he can accept others as well.
With UM raising back to the top 200 universities of the world ( 180 ranked) , I wonder if the committee would be interested to know if the university is able to create real quality graduates. Really shameful.

A time for everything

St Pauls .. and it was really hot...Jessica's farewall , the one that is blocked. haha
Emirates for the Arsenal vs Celtic game
I wonder how they can have a show day after day for more that 50 years...

Wah , like a star trader. At the Canary wharf, where financial people earn more that you and me combined. (or worth)

At the line in Meridien. Imagine a missing halo
Clocking in Meridien

Cornvulating Cornwall

Actually, the Atlantic water is rather warm.
At St Michael's mount. You can walk over when the tide is low

At Mousee town ... they had a fair the night before
Wonderful view from Manick Theatre..

To eat breakfast.

And stomp on some poor villagers.

And to spy at them at the break of dawn

Driving all night to Cornwall in this Nissan. Would not buy this car

To the end of the land
To be honest, i peed at land's end. It was very early, and the hotel is not open and i had to go...

Daring , darlings ...

Well, darlings.. we start with cream tea.. basically scones, tea and clotted creams.

And try on some skinny jeans, those that make your lower body gasping for air. Got this jeans for 7 pounds. haha

Boon Yaw dared me to eat raw beef...

Steak tartare is a French dish made from finely chopped or ground raw meat (often beef). It is often served with onions, capers, seasonings like fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce, and sometimes raw egg

And of course, the snails.

Of Henley and O2 Arena

With Olivia and Cindy when we visited O2 and Bodyworks, the one where they used real human bodies as exhibit.

Yes, we were celebrating Kemerdekaan in this place where Azalina Othman spend RMxmillions to try to turn it to a high performance centre rubbish.

Financial aid for poor students in Malaysia

Rationale for my scholarships offer

Since I circulated my scholarship offer to needy students, many people have asked if the offer is genuine or a hoax because there are so many scams. I have had to explain that I am in a position to undertake this charitable work.

I am a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and was one of the original founders of IJM Corporation Bhd, Gamuda Bhd and Mudajaya Group Bhd, 3 of the leading listed construction companies. As an entrepreneur, I have always wanted to use minimum capital to produce maximum benefit.
I wish to explain why I have chosen this way of doing charity through this particular scholarship offer in which the scholarship recipients are not required to work for me after graduation or to pay me back the money they have been provided.

But they all have to promise me that they will help other poor students after they have graduated and are financially solvent.
I believe most recipients will not break their promise if the charity culture has been instilled in them when they are young and in need of aid. As a result, I expect that they will continue to do similar charity work long after I am gone.

Through my contribution, we can expect a meaningful human resource product graduating from a very creditable University, U TAR for a relatively small outlay and contributing to the nation’s development.

Some have asked if I would consider them studying in other more expansive university. In fact, one girl has applied while she is currently doing the foundation course in accountancy in Nilai University College which charges Rm 138,000 for the 4 years course, according to her. U TAR, a non profit University charges Rm 32,000 for the same 4 years course. Of course, the question is: which is the better University for finance and accountancy. All I know is that most practising accountants in Malaysia are graduates from Kolej TAR or U TAR.

I believe an accountant can find employment more easily and is likely to have a higher income than those from many other professions. An accountant graduate will be able to help the people around him, besides taking care of his own family through his higher educational and financial standing.

I also hope that this example will encourage other successful entrepreneurs who may have wanted to do similar charitable work to use their money in a cost-effective way and to help others and generate a positive multiplier effect on society.

For those who have not read my scholarships offer, I reproduce it here below.

Scholarships for poor young Malaysians
I will be providing scholarships to 50 poor students for the next academic year to study finance and accountancy in University TAR, Kampar, Perak.
The scholarships will be given subject to the following conditions:-
The applicant’s family combined income should not be more than Rm 2,000 per month.
The letter of application should be accompanied by a simple letter from the Form Teacher of the student certifying that the student is from a poor family. The contact details of the teacher and school should also be included.
Students will be selected more on the basis of their financial need though their academic achievements will also be taken into account.

Each scholarship is worth Rm 20,000 which should be enough for each student to cover the cost for the first year foundation course and the first semester of the degree course in finance and accountancy until he or she secures the PTPTN loan. This Government PTPTN loan (National Higher Education Fund) is given to all students doing a recognised degree course, irrespective of race and financial position.
Students who receive financial aid from me are not required to pay back the money or work for me after they graduate.
However, I want them to promise me that they will help other poor students when they have graduated and are financially solvent.

U TAR takes in students in January and June every year. Students who are currently doing their SPM can submit their applications to U TAR this October with their forecast results and they can enrol in January 2010.

Needy students who are currently doing their SPM or have passed the SPM can submit their applications directly to me at:
Koon Yew Yin,

' );
' );

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
' );

A copy of the letter should be sent to

' );
' );

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
' );

attention: Dr. Lim Teck Ghee
Centre for Policy Initiatives
All applications should be written out in English

Koon Yew Yin2nd Aug 09

Iban farmer arrested for defending his NCR land

Iban farmer arrested for defending his NCR land

Source: www.thebrokenshield.blogspot.com

Matek Anak Geram, an Iban farmer, a member of TAHABAS (Sarawak Native Customary Rights Network) and Committee Member of Jaringan Orang Asli SeMalaysia (JOAS) was arrested by the police on 13 August 2009 for the crime of allegedly restraining the workers of an oil palm plantation.

Unarmed, he was taken into custody by 10- fully-armed police personnel at 8.45 am and detained for two hours at the Mukah Police Station and charged for allegedly wrongfully restraining the workers of an oil palm plantation company,

Saradu Plantations Sdn. Bhd. under section 341 of the Penal Code before being released on bail.For over a year, Matek and his immediate family have been guarding their property against Saradu Plantations who have been encroaching on their native lands.In individual shifts, they have blocked an access road built on their land.JOAS questions the heavy use of force and intimidation against one unarmed man and calls for neutrality of the state infrastructure in this legal dispute between the private company and indigenous peoples.Saradu Plantation Sdn. Bhd. is a Sarawak oil palm company, which has been given 15,000 hectares of land by the state government to develop oil palm in Balingian.

Saradu is also linked to the Sarawak Chief Minister as his brother-in law, Robert Geneid and sister, Raziah Mahmud are majority shareholders of the company.

JAOS said: “Matek Geram’s case is just one of hundreds of land encroachment and conflict cases between indigenous peoples and oil palm plantation companies in Sarawak.“In light of this, JOAS reiterates its support for the recent call from TAHABAS and other indigenous peoples organisations for a moratorium on plantation development projects.

“JOAS reiterates its position that the State Government-issued provisional leases are encroaching illegally into our constitutionally-recognised customary lands and forests.“Until the government moves towards a meaningful solution with the full and effective participation and consent of indigenous peoples, incidences like Matek Geram will continue to take place throughout the state, to the detriment of the rights of indigenous Sarawakians, the sustainable development of the Sarawakian population and the image of the state of Sarawak and Malaysia,” it said

El Nino drying up Sarawak ?

El Nino drying up Sarawak
MIRI: With the supply of fresh water dwindling to critical levels in interior Sarawak, schoolchildren have resorted to washing dishes and bathing in dirty ponds and polluted streams.
The drought is worsening in many northern and central districts


Or is it logging?

Sarawak government is now confronting haze ( logging - cheap way of clearing the land) , lack of water ( logging) and Penan villages of 300 that is starving ( logging - no more animals and edible plants )

My heart goes out to the Sarawakians but am tired that they are not helping themselves. Have been to that area and it is just a shame that they keep voting a government that sells them off cheaply.

Justice for Beng Hock

I am appalled by the death of this 30 zear old opposition chap.
Enough is said about the circumstances of his death which is highly suspicious. The police, who discounted murder 24 hours after his death did a u+turn today after the public outcry at the speed of police in absolving MACC.

We have degenerated to the state in being able to kill or intimate people to commit suicide. in either case, MACC is responsible to either murder or manslaughter. In the 1970s when the FBI were causing suidcide by carelessly targetting Americans as Russian spies, the president was forced to resign.

I just came from visiting Auswitch camp, in which 1.1 million Jews and Poles and russians were murdered. The Nazis have an ideology that they are superior. what started as an ideology in 1933 was then turned into action where they have total disregard to the inferior race. The concept of ketuanan Melayu is harmless according to our beloved politicians, and are unlike Nazism. But look at how these government servants are interpreting the worth of an inferior citizen, pushing him knowingly or to suicide by their tactics. In these camps, were were shared on the ways that the nazis pushes people to death or suicide.

Ketuanan is an ideology that must be stopped!! Sooner or later, it maz degenerate the ideas into actions and that would be too late to stop. Start respecting each human being regardless of their differences.

I am asking for at least the resignation of MACC chairman, Ahmad Said who have proven his incompetence in tackling BN related issues and extreme competence against any other parties. Najib should know that it is either him or Ahmad Said.

Aboringines in Malaysia without rights to their land

IPOH: The orang asli (aborigines) of Perak want the state government to recognise their rights to their ancestral land and are calling for an amendment to existing laws governing their jurisdiction.
Yayasan Orang Asli Perak chairman Suki Mee said this was one of the six resolutions passed unanimously by over 500 orang asli participants at a conference to discuss their land woes in Tapah last weekend.
Suki said they want the state to gazette, as orang asli reserve, the areas covering their villages, their agricultural plots and orchards, and their foraging grounds -- with immediate effect.
Another resolution called for an amendment to the Orang Asli Act or the National Land Code that would allow such land to be gazetted, and for the Tok Batin (orang asli village chief) to have a voice in its development.
“Legally, only the Orang Asli Affairs Department (JHEOA) has the purview to decide what development projects take place in the reserve, but we want the Tok Batin to also have a say.
“Although the Tok Batin is usually appointed by the JHEOA director-general, the appointment is usually done with the recommendation of the village,” he said in an interview Monday.
Suki said a special committee to resolve the people’s longtime land issues would raise the matter when handing over the resolutions to the state in early August.
Perak executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon, he said, had pledged to meet them and the JHEOA to discuss their concerns.
Another resolution was to allow the orang asli to apply for individual titles within or outside a proposed gazetted orang asli area while waiting for its gazetting.
“I am confident that the state and Federal government will look into the resolutions. We are not asking for new land, we are only asking for the rights to the areas we are on now,” he said.
Suki said that the state government had in the past made some effort to grant land titles to the orang asli people through its orang asli land alienation policy in 1993.
“But as far as I know, not a single application has been approved under JHEOA since 1993 except for one area in Kampung Bawong in Sungai Siput, Perak.
“Other orang asli might have also been given titles, but this was through their own individual effort,” he said.
The remaining resolutions passed concerned other land and development related problems.
He said that according to 1998 JHEOA statistics, only 17% of some 29,766ha of orang asli land have been gazetted as reserves.
An estimated 42,000 orang asli live in Perak.

The illegitimate MB of Perak would probably ignore their request. The NGOs have noted that the Pakatan government previously was working hard in the direction of giving land deeds to them. Alas, they were taken illegitimately taken out and replaced by a government that is not bend to help the poor. The initiative for these orang asli have stalled and even the land titles given to the Chinese village seemed to be on a knifeedge. 1Malaysia indeed.

Guess how much?

DOVER (England): A visibly upset Zahra Masoumah Abdul Halim burst into tears when she was forced to abandon her attempt to conquer the English Channel due to unfavourable tide and wind conditions.
The 17-year-old was pulled out of the water just over the half-way mark between Dover and Calais in France after swimming for 12 hours and 46 minutes.
Instead of swimming in a straight line, she was tossed sideways by tidal forces and forced towards the Netherlands, instead of France.
She had to struggle harder to stay on course, and was instructed by boat pilot Paul Foreman to get out of the water at 6:39pm on Wednesday (1:39am Thursday Malaysian time).
“When he told me it was all over, my tears flowed freely. I knew I could still continue although it might take at least another 12 to 15 hours,” said the girl.
Not discouraged, Zahra now plans to swim from Pulau Rupat, Indonesia to Port Dickson in Malaysia across the Straits of Malacca, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.
“It’s about 50km and there is a lot of jelly fish. They’ll probably put me in a cage,” said the girl, who said she will undertake the swim with her 12-year-old brother Salman Ali Shariati later this year.
Foreman described Zahra as being incredibly brave and mentally strong, and someone whom all Malaysians should be proud of.
“She’s only 17 and has swum for the first time in cold waters for nearly 13 hours,” said Foreman, who is from the English Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation.
Zahra’s father Abdul Halim Manaf, who had followed the swim in the boat, said she was not just fighting against the tide but also the strong winds that kept pushing her back.
Her mother Haniza Mohamed said Zahra had cried and hugged her upon her return but she had then comforted her daughter by pointing out it was “good enough” to have swum that far in such unfavourable conditions.
Coach Arof Omar concurred, saying Zahra was still steady and had stayed longer in the water than the two male Cuban swimmers who had also failed in their attempts earlier.
Seven Continents Club Extreme Exploration chairman Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarudin, who organised the swim, said Zahra could hold her head high for her steely determination.
Zahra took off from Shakespeare Beach at 6:07am (1:07pm Malaysian time) on Wednesday in her attempt to become the first Malaysian girl to swim across the channel.

The taxpayer pays RM80,000 for her to not make it. Did that doctor who swim the english channel get this money for free? Nah, he went back to Oxford like nothing happens. 2 standard , 1 Malaysia

Appreciate your family

With the mellowing wind and glaring sun, am able to spend some time to collect my thought and share my appreciation that my parents are here. It has been something that I really wanted to do should i get this opportunity. In fact, this is one of the reason that I agree for this job, so that my parents would be able to come over and spend some time over. Yeah, it sounds very noble but it is not except when God intervenes I guess it is just a time where they can take some time for themselves and enjoy looking around.

I have been too busy many times with the many activities in KL and Port Dickson. Many times, I do feel that it is done for other people or activities. IN some way, I am enjoying the longest 'me-time" with tinges of guilt. IN the same way, my parents have always been putting other people first. I guess that is what we inherit from them, which can be both a blessing or curse. So in the midst of things, am glad that they are around to share in this experience.

So, today is Father's day and I would like to say that I am in love with both of them. THey have been great and patient with me all through my life. It is difficult to have a son like me who almost always put his interest in the first priority. They would very much adjust to my timings and all. Recall that I forced them for a 3 day trip to Scotland and back, Wales in a day and other adventorous things. A trip to Amsterdam where it rained and Paris where Engish is mea cuppa. So, in a way Port Dickson has been a good start and this short stint is even better.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Old is not useless.. .. and PAS

The old gaol in Oxford that is not a hotel.
Old Roman Bath in Bath... where the Romans used to be an empire.

Old water system that the romans Build.

Finally, the Stonehendge - 5000 yrs ago the medieval british used this place as an area of perhaps worship and surely a sign of the social class.

That brings me to the irk of the week...

The winner of the proxy fight between UMNO and PAS. If you read the newspapers, you will find good words for Nasaruddin. He has got an extremely good press from an otherwise UMNO control media. And so, he won. In return, he sounded a bit more cocky.

Nasaruddin, I respect Tok Guru and I dun know about you . I did read about your clandestine meetings with AAB and your closeness to Hadi Awang, who lost Terengganu through his mismanagement. If you guys want to loose PAS through this mismanagement, the lost of trust among public would be so great that no amount of work could change it.
AND, if you said this before the election.. gerenti you will have lost. How disrespectful.

Old is not lousy & please show respect to your Tok Guru. Secondly, it is not about skin or religion. I hope PAS would know what is best for them.

300 million down the drain?

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium was issued a partial work completion certificate last year as it was considered safe to host the Malaysia Games.
State Public Works Department deputy director Ghazali Hashim said the certification, based on the report by an independent examiner, was given to several sections of the stadium including the track, field and several areas outside the building.

“However, we have not issued any certification for the roof as it was still under the warranty period,” he said of the roof of the stadium which collapsed on Tuesday.
A local consultant commissioned to evaluate the safety of the roof declared it safe, he said, adding: “So, we allowed the Games to be held at the venue.”

Slightly confused here...

Ghazali had earlier accompanied Youth and Sport Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek to visit the site Wednesday.
Ghazali said the department was only empowered to issue a work completion certificate once the warranty period had ended. “We have to wait for the warranty period to be over before issuing any certification for the roof,” he said.
Ghazali said government buildings were exempted from having to apply for Certificate of Fitness before occupying the premises.

More confused here.
So, they have to wait till warranty expires before applying for a certification, esp. so since they are government and does not need a CF process of vetting. No wonderlah the government building always collapse. And the contractor can run away with the profit margin. I would not want to be a government servant then, can die anytime.

In the case of the stadium, he said the department issued a partial certification and was in the midst of getting a full-fledged status for the stadium.
The department, he said, would ask the stadium’s main contractor for compensation and carry-out remedial work.
“We will hold the main contractor responsible as (the other firm) the Korean firm was the sub-contractor. “As far as we are concerned, payments were made directly to main contractor and not the Korean firm,” he said.
Ghazali said the department had previously compounded the main contractor for not completing work as scheduled.
Now only said the truth. Blamed the South Korean. So, who got this contract huh?

Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said has ordered an immediate inspection of newly completed buildings following the incident.
He said the checks would focus on detecting structural defects, cracks and shoddy workmanship. Some of the new buildings are the indoor stadium, Sultan Mahmud Airport and swimming complex.

Again, shoddy workmanship due to being in government.

He said he himself noticed defects on the roof of the year-old Sultan Mahmud Airport. He said the state would appoint independent consultants to carry out the checks.

But you kept quiet. WOULD is future tense... and more money to cronies.

The roof collapse came only one year after the stadium’s completion which cost RM300mil.
Authorities are investigating if the contractors had rushed to complete the stadium ahead of the Malaysia Games in June last year. Meanwhile, Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah of Senibahri Arkitek, the principal architect of the stadium, said he might comment on the incident in a few days’ time.
“I can’t say anything now as I do not have the full facts,” he said when contacted via SMS in Medinah where he is on his way to perform the umrah at Mecca.
Raja Kamarul Baharin said he would return to the country on June 10.

Now, here is the connection. Raja DTK Kamarul Bahrin is of course connected to the Terengganu royalty. He is the chap who managed to seludup back the 2 children in the 1990s from his ex Australian wife. And the Malaysian interpol basically refused to help the Australian police to capture him.

Itulah kerajaan UMNO.

Our Loving Prime Minister Najib

PM shocked by Ah Long cruelty (and image from thestar)
PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is shocked and appalled at the level of cruelty loan sharks inflict on defaulters and wants authorities to take action against the culprits.

The Prime Minister said he could not believe how inhumane some Ah Longs could be against those who fail to settle their debts.

“I’m truly shocked with what the media had reported. Authorities must take swift action.
Treated like animals: Two of the loan shark victims awaiting rescue in a cell during a police raid at a shoplot in Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang, Seri Kembangan, in a May 27 file photo. — Bernama

This is a lesson for all Malaysians. I hope they realise the danger and negative implications of borrowing money from loan sharks. The public should never take loans from them,” he told reporters yesterday.

The Prime Minister was commenting on media reports of three men who were rescued by the police after being held captive for two months by loan sharks when they failed to settle their debts.

The victims, aged 25, 34 and 49 years, were abducted from Segambut, Semenyih and Gombak and were held in a shoplot in Seri Kembangan after failing to settle their debts of between RM1,500 and RM4,000 each.
They were found chained by their necks and legs and showed signs of having beaten by their captors.


This article really caught my attention. Yes, it is intended to be spinned that the PM Najib is very concerned about his people. But too bad the press people can't spin his words.
“This is a lesson for all Malaysians. I hope they realise the danger and negative implications of borrowing money from loan sharks. The public should never take loans from them,”
In short, its your own fault citizens! Who asked you to borrow money from loan sharks?
Just because it is hard to get loan from the banks, ah long stickers & business are legalized, the escalation of cost of living and doing business, the failure of court to adequately remediate non payment of service/goods suits, the lack of social net for the poor, the decrease of the access to healthcare for the poor, turning blind eye on illegal gambling activities .... why did you need to turn to Ah Long?
He did not even talk about why the police did not catch this actvity earlier. Why are the police asked to go to Perak and all the different places to catch civil societies and opposition?
The logic of our PM is that if the people are caught ( and obviously go missing, in which police reports were made) and put into a non-makeshift jail ( note the toilet facility that is included) , it is the fault of those people to borrow the money. Padan Muka.

Spin and spend more money to have better reputation

IPOH: The Perak Barisan Nasional government will soon release 50,000 DVDs of the tumultuous May 7 state assembly sitting to the public.

State executive councillor Datuk Dr Mah Hang Soon said that there were three versions of the edited videos -- one with a Mandarin voice-over, another in Bahasa Malaysia and a final, shorter clip called the “MTV” version, which comes complete with music.

“In the videos, the people will get to see who started the fight, who climbed on the table to shout, who threw the Standing Orders booklet, who banged on the tables with their fists, who started pushing others and even who was the one who broke several microphones in the hall,” he claimed.

On whether the video would include scenes of how former Speaker V. Sivakumar had been forcibly removed from his seat, Dr Mah said, “Well, actually we do not mind putting in that clip too. We want the public to see everything.” In double speak, it means that they did not put that in.

He said the videos were merely condensed versions of the full seven-hour sitting, which was one of the nation’s most notorious assembly sessions to date.

“Within the next two or three days, we will get the copies printed and they will be made available to the public.

“The DVDs will probably be placed in our Barisan component party offices or in the offices of our state executive councillors in the State Secretariat,” he said at a press conference here Tuesday.
Dr Mah said that the idea to produce the DVDs was mooted after Pakatan Rakyat released “one-sided” clips of the sitting that “were not reflective of what had truly occurred” on May 7. I actually tot that the police came in and confiscate the disk, the DVD player and anything associated to the screening.. in a private party. How does Mah know?

“They failed to show how it had been them (Pakatan) who had first crossed the hall to attack the Barisan.

“This is not fair to us because what the people need to see is exactly what had transpired on that day,” he said.

It is learnt that for the production of the DVD, the Barisan government had obtained footage from all TV stations that had covered the sitting, including the state-owned Perak News Online. Anybody who watched any of the TV stations would see how one sided the report are. It shows basically what Mah talks about. So, there is nothing new actually than what one gets from our very obedient dogs in media.

Ok, the Pakatan is evil and everything is manipulated to ensure that the rakyat hates UMNO. Mah, from MCA lost his integrity when he accepted the post to give credence to UMNO's claim that they care about all races. The week before, he was articulating about his personal response to the Perak situation but seemed to throw it down to the toilet bowl. We just watch the unedited version and knows what actually happened.

I wonder how much government will spend ?

Talak talak .. talk talk

( Image from)

Refering to my latest post on the social outlook among british younger generation, I was equally taken aback by these 2 postings at the Star, on the same day.

I had sex with wife after proclaiming divorce, says singer - Jamal Abdillah, a popular Malaysian singer.

Court: Roslin’s divorce valid - Roslin Hashim, a one point 'good' badminton player.

Both are celebrities in their own right and they are public figures. Both divorced their wives by the same method of mere utterence while seating on the car or at home. I was just taken aback by the seemingly casualness ( no pre divorce counselling?) which have huge consequences for the future. This is definately in the realm of religious law and it is lawful. I do feel for the womenfolk though that their marriage can be like ' telur di hujung tanduk'.
These should be abnormal cases but we are not sure if the Joe public behaves differently. The continual rise of single mothers in Malaysia and divorcee should be perplexing. And like Britain, it will have its own share of demographic challenges.

I want to puke

Zamry the usurper,illegal so called MB of Perak said that he is of equal greatness to Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.He just obtained a court order to change his name to Zamry Gandhi Mandela and was immediately approved by another newly appointed judge.

In the latest development, the media was abuzz with a sms received from a strange location. Reporters got a copy of the sms and was shocked by the content.

"Hey Zamry macha, Saddam here. I am better than both these people. One is not a leader of the state, the other just for a few years. But, i was in absolute control .. and people worship me. It seemed that you want to experience that as well. You also have a bad temper, just like me but i have guns to shoot and you only have the police. Quote la my name, macha? Its S-A-D-D-A-M."

In Colhester for the weekend

On Sunday, went to All Souls church in Oxford Circus. This would be one of the church to be part of in London theologically. A metropolitan church with a mixture of cultures reflecting the christian promise that all are called to be children of God. It is structured and they have a wonderful team of classical musicians that uplifts. The sermon is theologically strong & loads of middle class and above worshippers.
(2 All Souls Pl, London, W1B 3DA, United Kingdom‎ - 020 75803522)
New songs to try : Come praise the name of Jesus ( Christopher Idle)
Jesus draw me ever nearer ( Margaret Becker & Keith Getty)
Jesus Christ you came into this world to rescue me ( Noel Richards @ Thankyou Music)
Met Sarah who hails from Vancouver, finished her postgraduate in Toronto and working in the social service line. I do observe a lot of postgraduates around.
A day in Colhester
Oh, it was a lovely day in the outskirst of London to meet with my former lecturer from UPM and her husband. Ms Ho has been a dear Christian leader in our student ministry who has given so much care and attention to her students. I remember speaking to her about relationships and crying together in our struggles. Her husband was my support group mentor who mentors the cell group leaders of the day. Both of them introduced me to work with the orang asli and to go beyond my own preference to help others. We had a wonderful day to watch Bluebelle and other flowers in the park with their kids and friends ( Andy and Wai Mun, with Michael and Adam). Fred, Wai Fong and myself then walked to the town where we tried to get cheap wind breakers for myself but i was a tad too choosy.
I also have a good time to catch up on the reality of the social fabric in United Kingdom. While it is invisible in London, the mood in the smaller towns are more visible. The story of single mothers who are immensely young ( from 16 years old above) to be able to obtain welfare houses is a shocker. They create subsequent challenges where the children does not get supportive parenting, resulting in children that seemingly with issues and anger. I saw a young mother pushing a pram and smoking. I saw groups of children lepaking in the evening with typical 'gangster' based behaviour of intimidation. Thirdly, the single parents tries to find different partners. The culture of staying together without official marriage legitimacy creates another set of issues & more breakdown of the family institution. Families where the parents choses to stay together when able and where the siblings maybe from different relationships. It is all too confusing for an adult like me, and I emphatize with the childrens who tries to make sense of their life.

Colhester Town

The main tourist attraction, a medieval castle.

UMNO using force to usurp the rights of people

Malaysia Waves: The Men In Black That Dragged Siva Away Is In Violation Of the Magistrate Court Injunction Too.

I can't imagine how people can come in to a parliament and drag the speaker out.. and jail him.

I also can't imagine how newspaper like the Star can ignore all this and spin their news in favour of UMNO. ( i gave a note to Chun wai in his blog that it is a sell out)

Pariah all the way to UMNO.

African church in Vauxhall

A very warm, energetic and prayerful church close to where I am staying. Both Lester and I was actually looking for a Baptist church when I got awefully lost. This is the first time for us being able to worship together with brethens from a different cultural approach. I totally enjoyed the song singspiration and also looking at some old ladies praying in their native Nigerian etc. languages at the end of the session.
We tried a Colombian restaurant at the working class subord of Brixton. I had a nice grape softdrink called ava. For 8 pounts, a huge bowl of soup of beans + potatoes. The rice is excitingly fragrant and salty. The pork is very nicely done. There is a pancake of sorts, another pancake made out of banana, some salty salad and avacado. I enjoyed the food and there was enough to take away for dinner. Of course, the beautiful Colombian waitresses are a plus.

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