Baram inaundated by rain.

Updated: I have contacted a local Sarawakian church network to explore raising fund for the victims. Interested to contribute some money? Contact me. Thanks
Flood water can reach until just below the 2nd level of the house.

Most of the longhouses and settlements affected by the floods are located near rivers, he stressed.

“That is why when the river swells, the settlements are inundated very fast. However, many of these houses and longhouses have an upper floor, so those families affected by floods are still safe.

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I wonder how are the rest of the villagers .. and my adopted family in Long Panai.
And wonders how the more interior-ed people are surviving? When I was in Long Bemang, the waterline can reach until 2 metre high.

And I saw that there are crocodiles in Baram. .. ulp

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