Move on Siti , comes Maya Karin

Firstly , i dun care about Siti any more. We have more sympathy for her than ecstasy. In fact , i did not even care to watch her live TV telecast of her wedding , sensasionally christend in Astro as the " Event of the year" . Hello , Malaysia have millions of other more important thing than this curd. For one , it is overshadowing our national day. This wedding is overglorifying divorces and third parties , sends a wrong message to the young from our ' squeky clean' role model.

And here , is the new rising star. Forget her so called relationship with Khairy . ( another K? ... man ... it is tarnishing my surname ) . The son-in-law of the PM just need to be less brash and arrogant. Anyway, famous quote that i heard of - " Kalau takda angin , tak kan le pokok bergoyang" . Comes the retort " Pokok akan bergoyang kalaupun ada monyet". Wonder who is the monyet.? Now, this is a beauty with a brain and wit. kudos.

I looked like monyet in this pic.

Nights out at the Malate District

Here is another place to go in Manila . Its the night club area of Malate. Believe me , it is huge.

We went to a Filipino fine cuisine dining there with accompanying singers. Hugely talented, and they can even do Chinese and Malay songs.

Then to a club called the Havana. Beautiful waitress and huge shots of tequila. One shot consists of 2 portions in our malaysian clubs. We each had 2 shots each. THanks Carmel , Arvin , Brix and Shi. it was a wonderful experience.

Balut- the ultimate Philipines Cuisine.

Balut is an embro of a duck. To eat it , one has to go for the steamed one. If one is lucky , there will not be much feather in it. It is said to be able to improve skin as well as certain manly traits. thus , another must try before i die. hehe .

It is crunchy at some part , soft at others with galling juices with a rather staying smell. You can see the intestine if viewed closely. And the smell stays.

My Trip to the Philipines

Mabuhay ... here is the posting of photos that was taken during a recent trip to 2 0f the 760 islands in Philipines. Specifically Luzon and Mindoro. A nice photo of shi and her seahorse tatoo , my dad on a tut tut hanging for his life as we went to the White beach + the southern part of Luzon where the petro chem plants were. Also , the silly poses in Coco Beach Resort . There are millions of things to do around there. One should visit the makeshift massage by the beach. Seemed that everybody claimed to be a massieur.


a decent photo ... darn.

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