Benefits of working for BIG company in SMALL town

Today, I realised that it is actually great to work in Shell ( big company ) in a smalltown.

I was told of this thing about girls going ga ga about people from Shell in PD , and apparently in places like Miri , Kuala Terengganu etc. Mostly because of their supposed deep pockets and thus better candidates for marriage!!


Anyway, I tested this out by going out to the bank just now in my yellow suit. Oh , it was more because of the rain that I kept the suit on.

Yep, wearing a yellow suit does get people's attention. Sure la, it is yellow!! But seriously, it felt different. Even the girl in the bank was asking more question than she should..

"SO, u are working in shell ah ... a technician? An operator? ..." before handling out my deposit slip.

"Manager ," I said in a low voice and the two ladies smiled.

And she even ask for office number as well ... ello.

So far , got reactions from Malay and Chinese girls. i guess the Indian girls are more shy. haha. But i think it is more on my ke-handsem-an. That is my funny experience for this week.

Favourite site of the Year!!

well well.. it is the end of 2006 and let me recount 2 sites that i find simulating. haha

1. Ode to the Pork - totally reminds me on my craving of bak kua few days ago. There aint no great Pork Dish in Pork Dickson yet. haha. Except a bah kut teh shop in Lukut called Ah- something.

2. Blogging the bible - i must say that this author is having a good time reading the bible and making a memory out of it. something like what we used to do in bible school.

3. oh ya ... and the new toyota Malaysia website. It is kinda hard to navigate and to get the correct information, but there is an initial wow factor .
What is wealth? Here is the latest stats on wealth. Hemm... If u have RM15K in asset , then you are amonth the top half of the world's wealth distribution. Not bad mah....

Wealth to me is relative. And relatives will take your wealth also. haha

The richest 2 per cent of adults own more than half the world’s wealth, according to the most comprehensive study of personal assets.

Those with assets of $500,000 could consider themselves to be among the richest 1 per cent in the world. Those with net assets of $2,200 per adult were in the top half of the wealth distribution.

The richest 10 per cent of adults accounted for 85 per cent of assets. The bottom 50 per cent of the world’s adults owned barely 1 per cent of global wealth.

Bolton no more

It is true that John Bolton has resigned. Hurrah to the rational and like minded. Here is a photo , in memory of another Bush j. that has been defeated. ( actually hoped that the photo will remain in the gov's official website ) I am not a supporter of the democrats and i hope that they will rise to the end of the bargain.

Anyway, i met one of my former Samsung colleague online today. Her name is Elaine and she is a mother of 3. The eldest is now in Secondary and the youngest is 10 years old. Yet, you can see that she looked younger than the profile says. Can you imagine that? Here are some of her pics , without the necessary permission .. yet. i hope she is reading my blog... :)

can win mrs malaysia

I guess this is how my old company looks like now.... the panel and funnels. Fun..

Farewell kisses

I have never been kissed on a farewell dinnner before but it happened. Normally we just shook hand and perhaps eat a bit more. Yes , the ladies in my old company were very sad , distressed and what-nots that their favourite man is leaving the company. :)

And it was amazing that they surround me , hold me down and practically 'mouth'lested me. Amazing.

Here are some 'evidences' , of which I dun mind. haha. these are taken in slow-mo , rehearsing the actual event. had a few cuts in between.

Event : My connect year 2 - surprise dinner
Place :Assam and Garam , One Bangsar
Date : 30th October 2006

Kerang Annual Dinner

Yo, so ... update on my new company. pretty cool that in 3 weeks , there are so many events that has happened. First , have these dinners for hari raya and Deepavali. and it was rather cool as it is done in the Kerang Sports Club that overlooks the sea. At sunset and during the night, there is this spot there that is too heavenly beautiful for couples. of course, i only imagines.

and we had the family day at a place called Angkasa. did not go as it was the first saturday that i was here.

but was in Sunway Resort when we had the annual dinner. with a simple theme called the Simply Red , it was quite a daring motto for us. Well , for a company that has a big percentage of men .. i guess it can be termed as 'daring'. i wore my pink candy cane shirt here. hohoh

The best act for the night is by this group called Reggie and the flintstones.. or something like that. they were very funny , and it was just pure fun hearing Reggie talk. He seemed to be around the clubs as some of the 'older' generation can identify him and knows that he was the 'hot stuff' last time in Damansara clubs.

Low point : Parking congestion in Sunway Pyramid / Resort. Lousy planning i must say...

Port Dickson

How many times i marvel at the sea on the way and back to work and still do not believe that i am now working in the genteel town of Port Dickson. Situated 90 km away from the jam packed ( yet more happening ) city of KL, PD is a gem of a town. Well, it used to be a shinning gem ....

anyway, traffic is pretty good except on weekends. I have my own apartment with 3 bedrooms and a lot of space. And it overlooks the sea.. again. ah ... pleasure. It is a nicely furnished place with lots of amenities thrown in. Of course, i have to add in some joseph touch and bought some of my stuff over .... and in a black elements ... and some nice pics ...

Overally , nothing much to do here. i did finish one book and had a bit more sleep nowadays. and a bit more sports as well. but the funny things is that i tend to eat more. i guess the people here don't have much other things to do than to ... eat. Lunch , breakfast , supper .. u name it ... people will start calling each other out for a drink. it is the social thingie here.

Took some pics but will upload that up another day when i have the bluetooth again. till then...

KL Hilton for 3 consequtive days


It was KL hilton this week. The week before was The Saujana. For 3 continous days , i was there .. again and again. Totally bored. Had an old friend from thailand who is now the Manager of Wyeth of Thailand and her friend from IBM Thailand. Suganya was one of my earliest friends in L'Oreal , where we went to a floating village. It was a blast.

On the third days , we went to eat Ah Sang bah kut keh in Sungei Way. this is the best BKT in PJ. Even Nelli likes it. And Audrey too.

Boxy Singapore

Probably this is also staged. Maybe Mr Lee and family enterprise decided to show the world how 'democratic' this country is. 8 x 8 meter square for 200 people to protest , they looked like pigs waiting to be culled.Compact and smelly, that is the end result.

Hey , this is the only country that protests need to be staged.

First protest staged at Suntec SingaporeBy Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 14 September 2006 1501 hrs

Special Report

Singapore 2006
A civil society representative on Thursday staged a solo protest at Suntec Singapore, the venue of the IMF/World Bank meetings. The protest by Sandy Krawitz from the Action Aid International was the first at the designated protest area. Other civil society groups say they are set to stage their protests on Friday, a day ahead of their original plans. Sandy Krawitz said her group would also stage a silent protest on Friday. It would likely focus on Singapore's tough restrictions on demonstrations by civil groups. "People will be wearing T-shirts and they will be wearing gags that say, 'No Voice'." - CNA/ir

Summitting to Karaoke

Who would know that Songbird in Summit USJ is actually a pretty nice place to go with friends. We had a group of 15 people who were allowed to sing songs instead of working. We had our half year meeting in the morning and wanted to break away , doing something different. For just RM500 , we had a full accomliment of kacang , finger food , drinks , beers etc. And the karaoke machine was working perfectly. our singing? not bad. And as usual , it is better to have style than substance , even in karaoke.

Scones at the Istana.

Where is the poshest place to have English tea and scones in Malaysia? The answer is in Carcosa Sri Negara. The other 2 places in Malaysia that one should go and try out is in Cameron Highlands and in Delicious , by Ms Read Restaurant.

Here , is the celebration of one of our pals. She is sugar dependent , so this treat was a blast. Check out the food . We also manage to Visit the Kedah room. It will cost you about RM 2000 per night to stay there. Even the toilets are a blast of luxury.

A redang 3 year on

Wello , it was Redang in April and the water is quite clear. not as bad as i tot it would be . but , the fishes and corals are not so evident anymore. And the water seemed more choppy than before. And stayed at Berjaya Redang , which is actually a pretty good choice. Would love to come back here again.

Pangkoring moments.

Here are some photos to share of a trip with my better buddies.. and their halves. Sitiawan food are just gorgeous. Less than RM78 for a 6 dish dinner with 2 crab dishes etc. Magnificente!

Move on Siti , comes Maya Karin

Firstly , i dun care about Siti any more. We have more sympathy for her than ecstasy. In fact , i did not even care to watch her live TV telecast of her wedding , sensasionally christend in Astro as the " Event of the year" . Hello , Malaysia have millions of other more important thing than this curd. For one , it is overshadowing our national day. This wedding is overglorifying divorces and third parties , sends a wrong message to the young from our ' squeky clean' role model.

And here , is the new rising star. Forget her so called relationship with Khairy . ( another K? ... man ... it is tarnishing my surname ) . The son-in-law of the PM just need to be less brash and arrogant. Anyway, famous quote that i heard of - " Kalau takda angin , tak kan le pokok bergoyang" . Comes the retort " Pokok akan bergoyang kalaupun ada monyet". Wonder who is the monyet.? Now, this is a beauty with a brain and wit. kudos.

I looked like monyet in this pic.

Nights out at the Malate District

Here is another place to go in Manila . Its the night club area of Malate. Believe me , it is huge.

We went to a Filipino fine cuisine dining there with accompanying singers. Hugely talented, and they can even do Chinese and Malay songs.

Then to a club called the Havana. Beautiful waitress and huge shots of tequila. One shot consists of 2 portions in our malaysian clubs. We each had 2 shots each. THanks Carmel , Arvin , Brix and Shi. it was a wonderful experience.

Balut- the ultimate Philipines Cuisine.

Balut is an embro of a duck. To eat it , one has to go for the steamed one. If one is lucky , there will not be much feather in it. It is said to be able to improve skin as well as certain manly traits. thus , another must try before i die. hehe .

It is crunchy at some part , soft at others with galling juices with a rather staying smell. You can see the intestine if viewed closely. And the smell stays.

My Trip to the Philipines

Mabuhay ... here is the posting of photos that was taken during a recent trip to 2 0f the 760 islands in Philipines. Specifically Luzon and Mindoro. A nice photo of shi and her seahorse tatoo , my dad on a tut tut hanging for his life as we went to the White beach + the southern part of Luzon where the petro chem plants were. Also , the silly poses in Coco Beach Resort . There are millions of things to do around there. One should visit the makeshift massage by the beach. Seemed that everybody claimed to be a massieur.


a decent photo ... darn.

Unpublished letter to Star Editor :Response to " Is religion a matter of taste " ? Page N28 in July 11.

I read the article by IKIM yesterday “ Is religion a matter of taste?” with great interest and perhaps would like to share a perspective from a different religion. Christianity also ‘does not compel’ its faith on believers . In fact , we believe that man is created with intelligence to make choices /decisions and to differentiate between good and evil. In the matter of faith, human are called to be believers and it will be a conscious decision of repentance , acceptance and renewal. It is a matter of choice, not taste. We also belong to a majority of faith in Malaysia that does not believe that one is born into a family of the said faith. In fact , we also do not encourage conversion through marriage as the decision of faith is between individuals and God and not through social expectations. In a way, all Christians are convicted and converted by God. Thus , I can understand with the writers definition that a “ true Muslim is the one who submits go God consciously and willingly “. Again , it is a choice.

Secondly, people do have different view and standard on absolutes or ‘truth’. Depending on where one stands , absolutes may looked different and is correct to one person and not the other. In Christianity we have our absolutes like our belief in God, Bible , Jesus Christ etc. which are not compromised. I agree that education serves an important function to teach the relevant knowledge. Yet at the end of day, the acceptance of ‘absolutes’ happen because God works and not man’s inferiority and action. Even so when “ law and punishment” does not seem to work.

I wish I have more space to share my layman knowledge on this interesting issue. Choices are inherent in every aspects of our life and need to be respected even if different than what we believe is truth. It is easier to understand if spoken in the context of a service or product that is purchased , but I believe that faith is another area that needs more understanding. Which brings me to another question ; can ‘apostasy’ be a choice as well ?

Unpublished letter to Star Editor :Book on Ethnic Relations , UPM should be reviewed

I agree with the Ministers in the Prime Minister’s department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz to relook into the content of a Ethnic Relations book that is published in haste by UPM. As an alumni of the university, I do agree that the university and the higher Education Ministry should review into the procedure in order to obtain a reliable book of such important subject. This can be a highly sensitive process that requires an experienced panel and consultation in all level of the development. And it needs to bring the topic to fit the level of an undergraduate through self analysis and critical discovery with experience guidance. Surely a book like this should not be treated as a ‘material to be improved on later”. Learn , relearn and unlearn – the hardest of these 3 is to unlearn a knowledge that has been ( wrongly ) taught.

A Christian response to the bombing of Palestine and Lebanon

Here would be my personal tot regarding the war , an article written to another group of friends and I want to share with you. The old testament is full of God’s promise of protection for an obedient & God fearing Israel. And the writer obviously only quoted from there and perhaps do not believe or want to us teachings of Christ/ new testament . ( even the linking of Iran and Persia is wrong as 1) Persia is modern day Iraq which already is invaded by US 2) Esther and Daniel shows God’s plan for the exile and for Persia which is described. And Daniel 6 onwards talked about the future kingdom of Persia / Persia Medi and not about the bombing of Lebanon , Palestine nor the ‘evil’ Iran ). Never the less, lets ignore this assumption and focus on the important fact – that this is an unjust war of preemption.

Many times in the bible the Israelites uses their own intelligence in decision and then cry out to God. Many times in history people uses the name of God to wage war or to justify their means. I am not sure of God’s plan in this but I believe that only Christ can bring real freedom and love. Not through bullets nor gun , through aggression nor pride , man’s ability nor armies etc. And most of the time , in may involve humility , submission, love & repentance. Yeah , the picture of Christ’s suffering &” weakness” vs the conquering & strong David / Solomon. When I see these news , I keep reminding myself that it is the former’s picture that I should be constantly reminded of.


I was reminded again of this “ No to War” sticker on my car a few nights ago while driving. I remember that as a church , we went to Bukit Jalil with a handmade banner crying “ Blessed are the peacemaker” against the propaganda war against Iraq. It was then a time when the ‘general evidence” and moral obligation deemed that the war is justified. People began to have visions of the return of Jesus , victory of Christians etc. Of course, the evidences obviously are not and there is a general anger that the moral ground has crumbled. ( And it also hurt us Christians ) For us , we tot that the teaching of Christ did not seemed to be reflected by the political-religious determination then.

Which brings me to this write-up from a writer that I suspect may most probably be a liberal. Read this thru and think about the issue of Israel bombing Palestine and Lebanon. We are the ‘face’ of Christianity to our friends – what would you say ?

Excerpts from We’re being set up for a wider war – By Craig Roberts. ( )
Evangelical "Christians" are part of the propaganda show. Three thousand of them, under the lead of the Rev. John C. Hagee, are heading to Washington for a "Washington/Israel summit" to demand, needlessly, that the neocon Bush regime show "stronger support for Israel."
It is difficult to see how Bush could show any stronger support without using the U.S. military to assist Israel in its attacks, which is, of course, what the "Christian" Rev. Hagee intends when he declares: "There's a new Hitler in the Middle East [he doesn't mean Bush or Olmert]. The only way he will be stopped will be by a preemptive military strike in Iran."
Present at Rev. Hagee's "Washington/Israel Summit" will be Israel's former Minister of Defense, Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya'alon, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, Republican Senators Sam Brownback and Rick Santorum, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, and Gary Bauer.
The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful lobby in Washington, expressed its thanks to Rev. Hagee for demonstrating "the depth and breadth of American support" for Israel. Recently, AIPAC has been under investigation as a suspected nest for Israeli spies.
David Brog, former chief of staff for Republican Sen. Arlen Specter, has gone to work for Rev. Hagee. Brog, who is Jewish, says he works for Hagee's evangelical enterprise because "we're bringing into a pro-Israel camp millions of Christians who love Israel and giving them a political voice. Israel's enemies are our enemies, and this group instinctively understands that." Brog goes on to say that Hagee's evangelicals understand that they are not supposed to talk about Jesus, only about saving Israel: "Christians who work with Jews in supporting Israel realize how sensitive we are in talking about Jesus. They realize it will interfere with what they are trying to do."
Gentle reader, is this an admission that evangelicals have set aside Jesus for war? Do these bloody-minded evangelicals really believe they will be wafted to Heaven for helping Israel involve the U.S. in more war? Have evangelicals forgotten that "an eye for an eye" is Old Testament? "Turn the other cheek" is New Testament.
On July 14, Reuters reported that alone among Christians, the "Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon."

Quite surely , what are they trying to do? And when JC is omitted from any of our actions ( like the group of evangelicals , so that they can be politically correct ) .. what does it mean ?

For me , even before stumbling on this article .. my thoughts are somewhat changed. Well , Israel is of course God’s chosen people in the bible and whosoever believed are now called the ‘sons of God”. However , I believe again on the approach of integrity , fairness and compassion described in the bible. Heck the political entities. The crux of the issue is that Israel is attacking civilians and that is not right nor fair. And if we are not defending the powerless and the suffering , those who are killed without justice or maimed for life ..

This is my stand , which somehow seemed to only be verbalized by two entities ( other than some Muslim countries ) . The nation of Switzerland ( the human rights nation ) , who dared to speak out when Europe prefers to be quiet .. and the Catholics who were also right when it protested against the Iraq war . ( and the Pope refuses to change his opinion even when ambassadors were sent to see him ) . Of course , these are more of a political statement than a religious per se . Just because the victims here are majority Muslims does not mean that we cannot defend them. If Mr Samaritan can do it , I guess we can too.


Dear Intercessors,The Book of Esther focuses on the attempt of Persia (Iran!) to wipe out the Jewish people. An unchangeable edict is made demanding their destruction. The power and authority of the Persian Empire is aimed at (exiled) Israel's total destruction. This attempt is foiled when the King's wife, whose Jewish identity has been hidden, appears before the king after calling her people to a breakthrough fast. In the process, Esther's mentor Mordechai utters these immortal words:Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king's palace any more than all the other Jews. For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? Esther 4:13,14Here are some gripping parallels with Israel's situation. 1. The principality seeking Israel's destruction was Persia---modern day Iran.2. Esther, representing believers in Israel's God (Jesus' true followers of today), had a choice whether to speak up, identifying with the Jews, or be silent.3. The cost of not speaking up and interceding for the salvation of the Jews at a time of catastrophic danger, would be their own demise.4. Implied in Esther's timing and availability was the dimension of God sovereignly choosing her to bring God's deliverance.5. Esther went before the King, who alone had the authority to stop the murderous attack upon the Jews. Being his bride (!) she had favor.Beloved friends, I believe this comparison is given for our instruction and inspiration. Those who love Yeshua must now arise and go before the King to secure Israel's physical and spiritual deliverance. I cannot possibly write these words or send out this e-mail fast enough to keep up with the developments in the war on my nation of Israel. The entire region around Haifa is under bombardment. Many 100's of rockets have fallen throughout northern Israel, the Galilee, where I and thousands of Messianic believers live, work and worship. Akko, Upper Nazareth, Tiberias area, Haifa and the Kryot (nearest the large oil refinery Hizbollah is targeting)----these are the exact locations of the congregations I serve. Towns that have never been hit this way, or at least not for decades, are experiencing the wickedness of Hizbollah, propelled to this madness by Iran (Persia). Israeli citizens have been killed in their own homes, after our government has gone to sacrificial extremes to withdraw from conflict. But conflict is obviously not withdrawing from us.In recent years the Spirit of God has been arousing Christians on every continent to love and pray for Israel. It would seem that you have been brought to the Kingdom for just such a time as this, when there is a life and death need to intercede before the King for Israel's enemies to be destroyed. How then, shall we pray? Here are a few simple suggestions. May God guide you and take you to an unprecedented place of identification with Israel, intimacy with Himself and intensity in spiritual warfare.* LET GOD ARISE. LET HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED; LET THOSE ALSO WHO HATE HIM FLEE BEFORE HIM. (Psalm 68:1) This is God's battle. Let us call on Him who loves Israel and has established her for His testimony in the earth. We can authoritatively pray confusion and dissolution upon Israel's enemies. Pray utilizing passages like Isaiah 41:8-14 in which God makes clear that He has brought Jacob back to his land and that He will uphold us with His righteous right hand. Those who were incensed against you shall be ashamed and disgraced; they shall be as nothing, and those who strive with you shall perish. Isaiah 41:11 It is entirely biblical and would grab the attention of our nation if this war were to be decided through overtly miraculous intervention on God's part. Let us pray so. * SALVATION BELONGS TO THE LORD. YOUR BLESSING IS UPON YOUR PEOPLE. (Psalm 3:8) This entire chapter is vividly relevant to our situation. It also speaks of the danger we are in, of God arising and of the enemy being broken. But God's interest is always ultimately in the salvation of His people. How shall we look to Him whom we have pierced (Zechariah 12:10) unless we are surrounded by enemies and pressed to look beyond our previous national conclusions about who or what Messiah is. It is time to pray for our eyes to be opened to Yeshua. This is not the final battle, but it is a prelude. Please pray for fresh BOLDNESS, FAITH, LOVE, UNITY and the SUPERNATURAL LEADING of the SPIRIT for all of Israel's Messianic believers. * BUT YOU, O LORD, ARE A SHIELD FOR ME, MY GLORY AND THE LIFTER OF MY HEAD. (Psalm 3:3) Clearly, we need god to be our shield. Some missiles have been falling into the Mediterranean Sea. Another hit a grove of trees inside a very crowded residential/commercial area in Haifa. I just spoke with the leader of the Akko Messianic congregation who told me that the 3 story building that was destroyed in Haifa today was EMPTY! He said a synagogue in Akko was wiped out only 10 minutes after its worshipers walked out. Angelic protection is an established reality in the history of Israel's conflicts...both in bible times and in recent history such as the Six Day War in '67. Father, we call upon you to release angelic hosts to deflect weapons aimed against us and to place shields over our soldiers and over our citizens. And may those who are truly innocent in the territory we are having to counter-attack be spared as well. Eitan ShishkoffTents of Mercy (Ohalei Rachamim)

Takaful Malaysia - another disgrace?

My Complain to Takaful Malaysia - grrr

I have just called 1-300-88-1313 to renew my house takaful which is expiring. This is as per an sms that i received. I was soon entertained by a man who seemed uninterested to help. After hearing my question , he just brush off my request simply by asking me to talk to my bank. I was not even sure who iniated the payment and suggested that it may be the housing developer. And also am confused since the sms indicate that i can call and renew personally. Only after a while did he take my details ( HOF101fro5102213 ) and look into the system. Again , he crudely tell me that it is my bank and ask me to tell them & wanted to get off the phone. I told him that i do not really understand the whole process and do not know who to call ( Public bank is a big organisation ) . He then mockingly try to explain the house buying process. I am not sure what is your company's benchmark in customer service /sales but his attitude should not reflect your organisation. I did not get his name because i do not think he is even able to give me that information. In the end , i told him that i have decided not to renew my policy with Takaful and thank him . Even with that , he did not say good bye / thanks / sorry that i could not help ... and just slam the phone. This is a disgrace.

i am sick

heck heck .

well , it is the time of the year again where i just get sick. not to mention the many mangoes that i walloped back in hometown. it does not help at all.

being physically sick is one thing. i think it is the least of the problem. Heck , it is just my body saying - take a rest. And I did have a magnificent sleep yesterday night.

What is more sickening is the declaration by the Mufti of Perak Datuk Seri Harunssani Zakaria, the Ulama Conference 2006 working committee chairman, said they wanted the Government to review practices such as Kongsi Raya and open houses to ensure that they do not contradict Islam.

What ?

For one , is it a sin to interact with non- Muslims?
How can a mufti , who is supposedly learned , be able to come out with a statement without any substancial evidences or studies ?
As an official paid by my tax money , I do not think that he is qualified to be a mufti. In fact , getting paid by money taken from non- Muslims already make him a murtad. And since he is now a non muslim , he is then not qualified to be a mufti. Step down !!!

This is the kind of statements that make our great country look stupid. And of course, the able Abdullah Badawi got to come in to calm the water. It is just a waste of taxpayers money to have leaders who make statements without going thru their brains and then neccesitate another person to waste more time to help out.

And PAS jumps on the bandwagon. "PAS is not in favour of the Kongsi Raya celebrations as it believes that an Islamic celebration should not be put on par with a non-Islamic festival. " . Since when did PAS cared about non - muslims. oh ya , this statement is for the muslims only.

In reality , this is the same guy who have a poll in his official website some time ago asking what should be done to the non muslims who did the cartoon caricature. Included options are basically " killing " , 'launch a war' etc. This person is not a leader and should not be.

ON another note , England beat T&T yesterday . Hurrah for another lousy show by the pretender. The best WC match so far is Argentina vs Ivory Coast. In fact , the offering tonight is mouth watering to say the least.

This is super cute - another nice photo. :)

Guess Who?

Midvalley Discovery

Hello RL bear,

Now , this bear is so cool and cute. Should see the Christmas 05 version. Beside him is the Ralph Lauren Malaysia's supervisor - Pui Han. Super helpful in getting the perfume discovery programme done.

And look , the participants are having fun learning about GA and EA as well. Liked cacherel m but Drakkar Nois is just not my type.

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