Joseph's Journey to Midlife Crisis

I started blogging 6 years ago at a crucial juncture of my life. 2005 was the year that I started fulfiling my dream of a master's degree, got my apartment and charted my own career. So, here is a lookback to the last 6 years in TLA (Three Letter Acronyms)

Five Year Itch
"Best of luck in the future and thanks for your contribution"
John Coyne ( Current CEO of Western Digital Corp )

It has been wonderful working with somebody as dedicated and intelligence as you. I'm sure you will do well in your new company and your other future endeavors, just make sure you be "good". Temptations are aplenty in your new company....
We suppose to have some farewell for you during our HR meeting today. Unfortunately, the meeting was cancelled due to the evacuation drill and many are either away on work or leave. Sorry about that...I will see you before you leave today. take care." Fauzi ( HR Director )

You, Beauty Line?

Fruitful Celebrity Hunts

Biennial Family Holidays

Questionable Cuisines
Travel Bug

Au Revoir, friends

Work by Beach

Time for Youth

Digital Photography Frenzy

Old Man=Wine?

Teaching Aboringines

Rural Sarawak Works

Serving National Service

Civil Society Activism

Finally, graduated again

Flood Relief

Near Death Experience

London Outpost Experience

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