Old is not useless.. .. and PAS

The old gaol in Oxford that is not a hotel.
Old Roman Bath in Bath... where the Romans used to be an empire.

Old water system that the romans Build.

Finally, the Stonehendge - 5000 yrs ago the medieval british used this place as an area of perhaps worship and surely a sign of the social class.

That brings me to the irk of the week...

The winner of the proxy fight between UMNO and PAS. If you read the newspapers, you will find good words for Nasaruddin. He has got an extremely good press from an otherwise UMNO control media. And so, he won. In return, he sounded a bit more cocky.

Nasaruddin, I respect Tok Guru and I dun know about you . I did read about your clandestine meetings with AAB and your closeness to Hadi Awang, who lost Terengganu through his mismanagement. If you guys want to loose PAS through this mismanagement, the lost of trust among public would be so great that no amount of work could change it.
AND, if you said this before the election.. gerenti you will have lost. How disrespectful.

Old is not lousy & please show respect to your Tok Guru. Secondly, it is not about skin or religion. I hope PAS would know what is best for them.

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