Once when we are a child

I recall with fondness when I receive toys as presents, especially if those toys are the 'in'/ hip of the season. My family puts importance at many things but not spending monies on toys. We just had enough to eat healthily and that is important.

I normally abhor the usage of child photos to incite compassion but these photos does talk to my heart. It speaks mostly of genuine happiness in the most child like manner. And I would like to share them with you.

These photos were taken in a location that we visited yesterday. We bought tidings of joy - medicine for 2 kampungs, food and fruits, loads of clothes that was segregated to age groups. They had also participated in games and got a gift pack each. What I am totally pleased about is the access to the good news and the power of transformation by God to all groups of people. oh.. My throat is still sore from talking too much when i should not.

While waiting for the service to start, the children were amusing themselves and at their weird looking visitors.

Stanley's brother was a bag of energy. The children gave a heart warming presentation to two songs. The kids were able to speak a smattering of English and even presented a song in English. All due to the volunteers who drive long distance every 2 weeks and I believe that we have invested in the future.

The sisters were showing off the personalized mother's day card. So nice and cheerful.

Started off being shy. After a good meal, the kids even got to the act to something that i would do in cameras. haha

Against the backdrop of abject poverty, we can still bring cheer thru songs.

This lady was so happy to find this wheel. Found out later that the guys bullied her to give them this but she just hang on. Gave the boys pieces of wisdom .. in native tongue.
Me and my pooh. She was hugging it so tight...
I got new toys too. And those second hand clothes, it is whiter than what i am wearing.
The best shot i can get out of these group who were hiding in between banana treas for their hamburger/ hotdog treat. Always sniggering, avoiding cameras. Inadvertantly, many of them tasted these makan for the first time.
He got enough courage to pose for a photo after i showed him his first. I believe that this group of people should be helped as they are the real indigenious of the land, and in real need.
Cluthching her old slippers, the poo girl shows off her new pink slip-ons and obliged a model pose.

As usual, i have to eat something funny. This things is called peringat darat, seeds of plants that is found in the swamped. Tasted slightly sweet and dry.

Human beings do have our behaviours. What i see happening in shoppin centres during sales time is imitated here.

For those who can help and is willing, can you help me diagnose what this girl is suffering from? Her skin is peeling at different parts of the body. She looked happy in this photo from playing the game, but I do think that she would feel otherwise on normal day. If you know, do give me contacts of doctors who can.

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