Miri - an oilfield of experiences.

View from Canada Hill, the romantic hotspot of Miri. A few couple were caught and banished to the outskirts.

Ocean Paradise - not cheap but filling food. And lots of fish to watch.

A different kind of molusca - tastes funny , but was happy with the shell.

Marriot has the BEST bed that i have ever slept on. It was hard to leave the bed.

Here is to 10 minutes away from entering my 10th country- Brunei. Miri is accross the boarder from this Sultanate. Too bad not all of us brought our passport along. Me posing at the hanging bridge with immaculately kept greeneries. Sarawak is indeed a clean city, better than any of the peninsular city yet.

Interesting nooks and crannies in Kuching

1. Along the Kuching river scouting for crocodiles. This gentlemen loudly proclaimed that he has 2 wives. Btw, our bahase Malaysia is useless in uncovering bahasa sarawak.
2. Joe and James Brook , the Rajah of Sarawak. I was the Raju.
3. Smelly terubok fish. We bought a whole packet of 12 fishes that smells all the way to Miri and KL.
4. Notice the temple hidden behind the food court? Now, that is called fusion food.
5. Oh, and what comes later?

Best Seafood in Kuching - Top Spot Restaurant

Simple as ABC, but tastes heavenly

Crispy Pancake with oyster. The worst of the lot.

Squid with honey. The butter prawn tastes even better

Garoupa thai style. Amazing taste with mango slices.

And they are even courteous. Please be fair to all restaurants and check them out first.

It is an amazing feast. The best seafood that i have tasted. And it costs RM93 ringgit only!!!
Certaintly top spot in my stomach!!

Sibu Treat

Sibu, a tranquil town but with hot desserts. Here are a few favourites from my trip there. It is surprisingly a bigger town that Port Dickson. A coconut sweat treat, a chee cheong fun with beans and umai ( fish with chile and lime )

Retro look back

Well, how did I look trying to be retro? not good i guess. But the rest of the people dressed up much better and it shows. :(

Champion Joe

Amazing manga..

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