Fishing in PD

Found the spot! Evening at Port Dickson. Notice the contrast of colours.

My Smart Office Snail being ingenius ( like the owner) in trapping fish food and using vacuum to suck it in.

Eagles Leadership Conference

The Eagles Leadership conference it an avenue to train softskills of lay and pastoral leaders in different functions. It is a 2 year once conference with speakers from the west and the region. I just like to note 2 great speakers that touches me.
CK Thong is working in a country that combines both education and teaching. He presented a well respected economist who recently believed in Christ. The funny thing is that they country sent him to US to learn about market economy. He was inpired by how Godly people there lived and seek more about Christianity. So, he engaged church leaders in the afternoon and studied at night during his time there to find evidences that Christianity is wrong , the whole 3 months he was there. At the end, he found out that it has got to be correct, fundamentally from his study on the accuracy of the projection/ prophecies. " The best economist can project up to 10 years but the bible has been correct at all instances. It has got to be true."
Secondly , Joni Ereckson who is a paralyptic but has relied on God for " when you are weak, God makes u strong". Amazing women who went through all adversity and hardship. Encourages me about how i view pain and suffering. And with our unperfection, it makes sense for us to look to God for our source of strength and a worldview that many other people have an even more difficult life. How thankful we should be when we can do 'normal' things easily and still give up.
Lastly, a key coin phrase i pick up. Love Man, Use things.

Singapore Sling

Last day at the East Coast. The water looked more clean that PD's and more full of ships. Notice my new ah beng/ gay shirt.
Mother posing for daughter. Over-the-horizon shot for ah mah.

Baby got herself a suitor. This chap is rather excited about her.
Vivo City. The biggest shopping centre in Singapore currently.
Waiting for sister near the cinema. Observe my new chinese blue shirt bought in Beijing.
Singaporeans are pretty clever at coming up with names.

2 Apaches helicopters while enjoying the seafood meal. Practising for National day on the 9th.

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