Cornvulating Cornwall

Actually, the Atlantic water is rather warm.
At St Michael's mount. You can walk over when the tide is low

At Mousee town ... they had a fair the night before
Wonderful view from Manick Theatre..

To eat breakfast.

And stomp on some poor villagers.

And to spy at them at the break of dawn

Driving all night to Cornwall in this Nissan. Would not buy this car

To the end of the land
To be honest, i peed at land's end. It was very early, and the hotel is not open and i had to go...

Daring , darlings ...

Well, darlings.. we start with cream tea.. basically scones, tea and clotted creams.

And try on some skinny jeans, those that make your lower body gasping for air. Got this jeans for 7 pounds. haha

Boon Yaw dared me to eat raw beef...

Steak tartare is a French dish made from finely chopped or ground raw meat (often beef). It is often served with onions, capers, seasonings like fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce, and sometimes raw egg

And of course, the snails.

Of Henley and O2 Arena

With Olivia and Cindy when we visited O2 and Bodyworks, the one where they used real human bodies as exhibit.

Yes, we were celebrating Kemerdekaan in this place where Azalina Othman spend RMxmillions to try to turn it to a high performance centre rubbish.

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