Wah , So famous!!!

Paradon Srichapan and his fiancee , former Russian Miss Universe.

A Korean group called the Super Juniors attracted a legion of screaming girl. I tot someone died. But nooo.... a group got to call themselves the super juniours that sounded so cheezy. Advertisement group for some diaper company maybe...

Screaming girls still around late at night till 2 am. Oi... diam le..

Ah, my magical hair stylist called Mustafa who threw the hair up in the air and cuts at the same time. Real skill for real manly customers who are not scared of death.

Asok , from the Simpsons. Now we know where he came from ...

Good to stay at one of the most expensive hotel in Bangkok. Thank you Shell!! for the opportunity to know these people.

Street food and Thai taste

Blood Shot red dragon fruit juice. First time taste. Excellent!!
Just plan ole rice that smells herby - with Chang Beer. Cost - Bbt 1500 for dinner.

Showing her how to .. ehmm ... pretend to work. I have no idea why they make her work in front of the restaurant.
Ah... i lost a leg....

Real street food at Bht 20
So, did i manage to eat another piece of weird food this time? Yep, manage to hunt down some insects. The grasshopper taste nice, crunchy and salty. The worm taste like crab meat with an aftertaste. Grasphopper wins!!

Starbucks with coffee jelly. A miss.

The pork mee in chatuchak market is superb. A teachew owner. It was hot eating this under the hot sun.

Bangkok NIght Scene

Sunset at Bangkok. 22nd Floor at Dusit Thani Hotel is the D'cafe , a French restaurant with amazing view.

On Wednesday, free cocktail reception for long term customers. That is us. I had 2 margarita and 1 champange. Felt real dizzy after that due to the heigh. haha

Suan Lum Night Market. Hard for me to capture that with blinking lights.

Looked something like this. But nothing to buy though except some nice lounge music CDs.

The famous Patphong where super good looking cun she-man came out at night. Dun dare to take closer cause they looked like more than able to catch me in a race.

The "show" where ladies use creativity with their assets. We lasted 10 minutes before they tried to cheat us. Left in a pronto before the tonto comes. And got scolded for taking this pic.

Sukhunvit area ( seemed to be full of clubs for Japanese man). But found a nice club called Mojo. Nice band and the locals are more interested with Gwailo man. So, had a peaceful beer. And managed to watch the Malaysia football team got thrashed by Uzbekisan 5-0.

Smell my armpit!!! The band is local Thai with a mix lead singer and they are really good.

Gay Street - where we got touched and carassed. In fact, i dun think the guys there care so much about business except in taking advantage :). And i tot that gay street is basically a street full of restaurants frequented by gays. No wonder the local Thais have concerned look when I told them that I wanted to go.

Ah .. me alone doing 'evil' stuff..... in the cinema. Caught Harry Potter in the 'ergonomic' chair cinema. Paid RM14 for a TGV look alike chair that shakes and smelled funny. Oh, and we have to stand up when the do a tribute to the king. Suddenly , the whole cinema stands up. Amazing. And, remember that Thai cinema seemed to not start on stated time. :)

The longest constructed airport in the world

Ashari happy to arrive in Suvarnaburmi Airport. The plan for this airport started in the 60s.
A discerning landmark. Reminds of Thai industrial chimmeys and something else.
This is an aircon unit. Bless the techincian who goes around repairing it.

Nice structure, but rather industrial. The ceiling were not even cat-ted.
Back to KLIA

Beautiful lady poses for an uncle. took 5 minutes for a shot. phew.
Wait at terminal, wait at luggage pickup ( brokedown ) , wait at taxi counter ... . Malaysia Airports and MAS needs to get the act together. There are rumours of sabotages but we got to get things right. Shame on the Ministers. They have cheffuers to wait for them. Poor people like us got to wait.
So much differ from the last time I was in Bangkok. Check out this pics. And was less fat also. hehe

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