Hanging by a thread

Rape victim’s body found hanged from durian tree

KUALA KUBU BARU: The body of a woman, believed to be a rape victim, was
found hanged from a durian tree in Sungei Choh near here. She was clad only in
her underwear.

The body was found by passers-by at 7.50am. The woman had a rope tied round
her neck and the other end tied to a branch of the tree behind a petrol station.
Her legs were tied and her feet were touching the ground.

She was clad only in a white bra and a maroon panties. Hulu Selangor deputy
OCPD Supt Bakhtiar Rashid said police believe the victim could have been
murdered elsewhere before the body was hanged from the branch.

He said police believe there was a struggle between the victim and her
assailant as there were strangulation marks on her neck and bruises on her

Supt Bakhtiar also said police believe the victim was raped before she was
killed hours before the body was found.

“No identification document was found on her. We are unsure about the
victim’s race but initial checks indicate that she might be a foreigner,” he

Yes, Suara Keadilan and Harakah just got banned. UMNO GE is tomorrow and everybody seemed excited. Yet, this is the story that gripped my heart that a girl was killed after being raped. But her story will remain in the background because of these political situations and perhaps because she is a foreigner. If she is a class 1 foreigner ( Arabs, Gwailos etc.), the embassy and media will descent and the police will make various different pledges. Seemed that this victim may fall between the cracks for being from a less than prestigious country.

My home church is working to support the vietnamese, bangladeshi migrants who came down to the small town to work on the furniture factories. Quite a few of them got summarily terminated and right now, the migrants feel that they have been wronged but without avenue for their grievences to be heard.

It is time that Malaysia subscribe to be a signatory to a migrant charter. We are either alllowing them to get the citizenship to easily ( read Sabah) or subject them to rather unfair practices.

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