And as expected, Razak Baginda is free!

Abdul Razak Baginda is free!
The 2 other ikan bilis cops will be on trial , possibily facing death but quite surely be acquited.

Incoming PM, Najib will not be able to fend himself from accusations after his sms with Shafee was leaked out and promising that things will be ok at the end.

Najib 2 Shafee Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50
Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

Yep, it works out well in the end. The trial is a sham with AG chamber and prosecution doing a terrible job of looking interested to charge RB. Now, they will pretend interested in appealing. The UMNO Chief Justice has served his master well.

I honestly wish RB well as I do not think that he is quilty. He could not have ordered the killings but is part of the equation. The chain of events would probably prompt a closer look at his charge.

So then, who ordered the UTK officers to kill Allantunya?
What is the motive ?

Perhaps that is why Justice Ian Chin has decided to resign than to suffer the embarassment being a member of the tarnished justice system. Malaysian court system is a joke to the rest of the world!


We are sorry Mr Sharibuu. He was too shocked at the verdict. Perhaps he was hoping that what everybody is saying about our court system is false. Perhaps he is hoping that money and influence would not impair justice. Perhaps he was hoping that his daughter's conversion to Islam would make the Muslims be sympathetic and ask for Islamic justice to be given.

Yes, all Kafirs are treated like dogs.

Baram inaundated by rain.

Updated: I have contacted a local Sarawakian church network to explore raising fund for the victims. Interested to contribute some money? Contact me. Thanks
Flood water can reach until just below the 2nd level of the house.

Most of the longhouses and settlements affected by the floods are located near rivers, he stressed.

“That is why when the river swells, the settlements are inundated very fast. However, many of these houses and longhouses have an upper floor, so those families affected by floods are still safe.

Rest of the report

I wonder how are the rest of the villagers .. and my adopted family in Long Panai.
And wonders how the more interior-ed people are surviving? When I was in Long Bemang, the waterline can reach until 2 metre high.

And I saw that there are crocodiles in Baram. .. ulp

RM5 billion to Valuecap? Register your protest at KWSP website

Updated: Here is the reply. At least there is some job for these people to do, but what kind of answer is this? geezz..

Dear Mr,

Thank you for your query dated 25th October 2008.

Refer to the announcement made by the DPM on Valuecap Sdn Bhd,for your information, as for now EPF does not have futher information regarding this matter.

We are pleased to inform you that we really appreciate your comments on the services provided by the EPF to the members for our future enhancement.

Your query is very much appreciated.
Thank you.


With Kind Regards,

Customer Service Executive

For any queries and further information, please call our EPF Call Centre at 03-8922 6000 or visit our nearest EPF office. You may also wish to search for more information through our website at

If you are pissed with the misuse of public fund, suspiciusly to prop up UMNO linked companies .. try registering your displeasure their website.

Here is a sample of mine.

I would like to register my complain against the usage of my pension money by EPF that was forced by government to be loaned to a non transparent, non accountable speculative ( gambling ) entity called Valuecap. This company does not have a transparent declaration on its operation & performance and would have difficulty getting this loan approved by any banking / financial institutions.It is even more discouraging to find out that the value of previous loan disbursed to Valuecap has gone down from RM10 billion to RM5 billion.

1.There is risk getting involved in this investment.
2. The money could be used better and any loss of this amount would affect contributors like me. Already EPF has maintained that it will find difficulty maintaining its performance.
3. EPF already have an investment arm and could earn more using the RM5 billion than a lousy percentage.

Fish is Sungei Way

I was down to my old company today for a meeting.

Sungei Way Free industrial zone has always been grey-ist on my mind. Of course, the smog and smokes from moving vehicles would not help. Spending more that 5 years here means that I do know how physically dirty the place can be and what chemicals that these companies do carry in their operation.

Anyway, I parked my car in the only available car park that I can find. Moving carefully beside the rain water drain, i suddently see movements below. Omigosh... fishes. Not one, but many. Wow, how can these fishes survive if not already mutanized to the environment. Of perhaps, the good work done by the Sungei Way companies are bearing the intended results.

Speaking of fish, i went back to myh apartment in Flora Damansara and chance upon a sticker advertising " Fish Spa" in one of the apartments. Wow, hope it is not the chichlid variety. I called up the enquire and the chinaman was put off by his rudeness. Would have been an interesting photo find.

As much as Digi likes the duck, i like my fish.

How I wish that I was wrong?

Photo from . "I am the King! All bow down"

I am a forgiving person. So, when people suggest that Najib is a racist because waaaaaaaaayyy back in 1987 when he was young and positing himself to be the UMNO Youth leader, he promised to 'bathe his keris with chinese blood".. I gave Najib a bit more leeway. Reasoned that he was young, raw and being an opportunist then. You can't expect him to bathe his keris in Malay / Indian Muslim / Kadazan blood, cause it would not be 'cool'. Chinese is the enemy, the jew. That was when Musa Hitam- Razaleigh Hamzah combo was trying to be more Malay than the Indian Muslim- Chinese Malay ( Ghafar BABA- get it?) combo. After many special assignments (because of his heritage) and moving up the enchelons of power, reckons that he would be wiser by now.

Oh ... am I wrong! A day after visitings its supposed Chinese Party ally and shaking hands/ kissing and got his butt licked by Ong Kah Ting as 'berwibawa", he came out of the meeting and showcase his manifesto which would shape his plan as a PM.

“I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009. This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died”.

If anybody else that this UMNO royalty talks about blood letting, that person will be stoned and put in jail. His royalty blood is definately more important than the normal working Chinese people blood. And the Kayans, the orang asli, the cocos, the etc. are definately not important to this Najib chap as anybody who goes against him will be 'destroyed".

"I will also not hesitate to use all means to destroy elements that can threaten the stability and peace of the country.”

And here, Susan succintly detailed out our future Prime Minister in Waiting's character.

The King of Scandals and Denials. Oh, the first person who tells me how many times he swore of his innocence in his speech will win a price. haha.
Does he expect the normal-blooded rakyat to just believe his swearings? So, he thinks that he is the King of Malaysia and all lesser people will need to kowtow to his sayings and doings as in medieval times. Yes, he is the King of Scandals and denials.

Is our Judiaciary system in order?

Photo from
Another case lost by our Public prosecutor. And as i read some of the facts that surface in this case, it is surely an immobalizing verdict to the family of Nuru Huda. The court is not cruel, the public prosecutors did not do their job and have failed them.

Would the new Chief Justice, who is an UMNO man do any better?

Will Gani Patail, tainted by many cases especially the Anwar Ibrahim case provide the ethical and competence compass for his staff? Updated : Read about the man of Gani Patail.

The answer is a resounding "NO". Both man would not be able to surpass their political masters and do the necessary rights. And in the effect, the rights of common people like those of Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani would continue to be transgressed. Justice would not prevail and people may turn to other areas to obtain their justice. "Mohd Abbas looked stunned after the court interpreter explained the decision to him". - The Malaysian public is also stunned at the incompetence of our courts.

NURUL HUDA'S MURDER AND RAPE: Security guard escapes gallowsPUTRAJAYA (Oct 16, 2008) : A former security guard, Mohd Abbas Danus Baksan, who was found guilty of murdering 10-year-old Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani in Johor four years ago escaped the gallows after the Federal Court here today set aside the conviction and sentence.

The court, however, upheld the 20 years jail and 24 strokes of the rotan imposed by the Johor Baru Sessions Court for raping the girl, to which he had pleaded guilty. But he escapes the caning because he is now 52 years old.

In allowing Mohd Abbas's appeal, Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi said he agreed with the defence submission that there was a third person involved in the case.
"Therefore all the circumstantial evidence adduced by the prosecution does not irresistibly point to the guilt of the appellant (Mohd Abbas)," he said in reversing the decisions of the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

Mohd Abbas looked stunned after the court interpreter explained the decision to him.

Is it ok to suggest killing of an assembleyman?

Photo from
In its paranoia to defend itself, Utusan Melayu has created the first rate offence that even decent newspapers in third world countires are not able to do, suggest the killing of an assembleyman to the public. Utusan Malaysia is a daily newspaper that is well read by Malaysians of Malay ethnicity and is owned by UMNO who are facing a credibility challenge. So far, this newspaper is infallible, uncontestable and seemed out of reach by law due to obvious reason.

The public feud between Utusan Malaysia and Teresa Kok has taken a criminal outlook with the newspaper actively or at least abetting the creation of a writting that has the female character killed in the end by a disenchanted youth to protect the Malay and Islam. The female character was named YBJ ( Member of Parliament Josephine) with almost exect circumstances as YB Teresa Kok.

Does Islam and Malay require protection using gun and violence?

I like to believe not. If the Muftis and Malay leaders are silent on this, it will be viewed as a consent and agreement to use force as suggested by this irresponsible writer. Rationale and right thinking Malaysians should stand up against such force de jour. The Malaysian police are already not giving any protection to this lady, and we do fear for her safety.

Utusan Melayu has claimed to champion the Malay agenda. It has written an article that resulted in Teresa Kok being unjustly jailed under Internal Security Act. Even Rocky Bru tried to defend this newspaper, incurring a record number of responses in disagreement. Would this article resulted in Teresa Kok being injured or maimed? If Utusan can be let off the first time, it could too on the second transgression. And this time, it may cost Teresa more than her liberty. Malay agenda should not be promoted above the cost of private independence and the right to live.

Malaysia continue to pressure the natives

Life is so unfair for those who are in the dumps. The fact that Malaysia is a signatory to the UN Convention on Native rights are just a showcase without substance. Oral Asal ( aborigines ) continue to be persecuted and sidelined by the Malay-led government of UMNO they are seeking your help. (Here and memorandum)

Penans were the roamers of the forest in the interior of Sarawak, where the Punans are the variant of Penans who have moved to the cities. My experience in knowing them has been a mixed bag of emotions, with them asking us to visit their long ( long house). We have since give some monies to aid the long house that was burned down. Seemingly, they continued to be harrassed by logging companies tied to local politicians and subjected to the ridiculous plan to build 12 dams in Sarawak. After allegations of rape of women, a half hearted police who initially did not act on the report, dismised the NGO's report and even dare to suggest Bruno Manser( or other caucasions) is involved with inpregnating local Penans.

"Interestingly, we came across a woman in Long Kerong, believed to be not more than 30 years old, who appears to be Eurasian."

"Jalin said the police who interviewed teachers from the two schools in the area found no evidence to support the allegation." ( Just go to 2 schools and that is the truth? )

The denial was then debunked by a little known media lady who affirms that it is the "tip of the iceberg." What is the police going to do now?

Islamisation of this state continues with repeated, perhaps purposeful neglect by the Federal Government.

Who are the “Other Bumiputera” and Other Ethnic Groups” in Sabah? According to an answer to Teresa Kok (DAP Seputeh), the PM Department said that there are 436,300 “Other Bumiputera” and 143,500 “Other Ethnic Groups” in Sabah. These constituted 25.9 percent of the Sabah population.

And that is not all. The covert operation will be overted thru the 'bastardized" JHEOA ( Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli) who continues to go against the spirit of its establishment. This is the department that is headed by non local natives and surely have its own partisan agenda.

The statement by the Federal Rural Development Minister that the government may extend the Aboriginal Affairs Department (JHEOA) to Sabah is worrying.He said that the success of JHEOA in West Malaysia is a reason to have the JHEOA extended to Sabah. What success is he talking about?

I am not sure if the Orang Asli in general are as successful as the other races.The extension of JHEOA may also mean West Malaysian officers administering the rural folks of Sabah. This is also very worrying.The demolition of a number of Orang Asli churches in West Malaysia shows that the JHEOA cannot protect the religion of the Orang Asli.Sabahans should say a loud ‘No' to this attempt to place the natives of Sabah within the jurisdiction of a federal department run by non-natives of Sabah.

West Malaysia
JHEOA continues to be a lame duck with little care for the people that they are supposed to protect and champion.

The plight of a Semai Orang Asli community in Ulu Slim, Perak, over the loss of their ancestral land is likely to remain unresolved unless the current owner is willing to surrender the rights to the site in question. (Malaysiakini)

Would you want to be part of an action group to press the government and help our brethen?
Please visit and give them our support

USD600 million for 12 choppers while it can get 197 choppers for India -Malaysiakini

Wow, India managed to obtain 197 helicopters for the same price and even manage to get them to invest in India. Eurocopter is already present in Subang Jaya and it would not be too hard for them to assemble it locally ala CBU. If people are terrified of buying French cars due to their erratic maintainence prospensity, wonder why we decide on a French helicopter?
The Eurocopter Cougar EC725 was one of four aircraft shortlisted by RMAF. The other three were the Sikorsky S92, Agusta Westland EH-101 Merlin and the Russian-made Mil Mi-17 Hip.
The manufacturers all bid for the contract in an open international tender held during the last Langkawi International Maritime and Air Show.It was reported that the government had allocated US$600 million (RM1.93 billion) to buy an initial fleet of 12 helicopters, which will be in service until 2050. Eight are planned for RMAF's Nuri replacement programme. (

"The Eurocopter Group, a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co (EADS), almost had the US$600 million 197-helicopter deal in the bag. Technical trials had been completed and price negotiations were in progress with Indian defense ministry officials. The European company was to supply 60 helicopters made in France and Germany over the next three years, with the balance of 137 helicopters to be manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) at its Bangalore facility under a transfer of technology agreement." ohhh for 197 flying things, how many we get for that same amount?

Maybe the Malaysian version have all the top of the end gadgets that would not be used, too sophisticated for our repairman ( who will be sent to France to be trained for 6 months for another few million ringgit, but come back 'tak tahu' cause they no speaketh French or English) , gold trimmings and all. Heck, even throw in a few round trips to cut ribbon or commision the tayar.

Contrast the reasons given with the reported testing by India. What is the stated 'need' and why Eurocopter performs better than the other 3 models?

"Indian defence specialists selected the Eurocopter 350B3 reconnaissance model over Bell's LongRanger after an intensive testing period." (AFP)

"Mindef has taken into consideration its needs and Eurocopter presented the best option among all the bidders."(NST)

And, the latest is that the selection is reviewed due to the presense of middlemen. Is our purchase price so extensively expensive because of the presense of middle man? There are already grapevines speculating the involvement of Kamaluddin Abdullah, the son of the Abdullah Badawi who just took over the Defense portfolio in this deal. Strong smell of corruption...

India's army may scrap a 600-million-dollar deal for 197 helicopters from an EADS unit because of complaints about the bidding process and the role of agents, an official said Sunday. (AFP)

Thank God for internet so that minnions like me can check out what other countries are paying for their military hardware. Anybody wants a Mil Mi?

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