My little notebook

My little notebook

Interesting how our conversation went since i got to know that she is a journalist . I think all journalist have their own blogs... and seemed to be right at this count .

Wonder if she knows Yvonne Chong?

Why am I here?: Feels Weird

Why am I here?: Feels Weird

Another friend to the blogsphere!!

Day 7 : Night report - and it looked better

It is not officially one week since Ah Poh went to the hospital. It was about 9 something when i receive the call. And it was scarry , as the first impression was that she was not alive. After a while , it is more obvious that she is not moving but is alive. So , here is a report yesterday .


1. They had a CT scan - 3rd time . Results are more positive this round . She had a huge affected area in the left hemisphere of the brain , about 2/3 of the total size from the prefrontal cortex . Praise the Lord as He is working with her on this . The peripheral areas of the hemisphere has lighten up in colour , indicating regrowth / resurgent of cells in this area. And that is good news as any little growth is needed for the next regeneration . Though it may be clinically impossible , we have a good God and a strong Hakka women's will. May her condition continue to improve.

2. She was down with fever when i arrive , with heavy respiratory movement. had a hankerchief with water to cool her down . High bp and high heart rate . In all circumstances , will hope that she will overcome the fever. Perhaps a sign of infection . But a positive aspect is that the body is providing a fightback and signals a still healthy defence mechanism.

The prayer group has been a daily affair. Lets hope this are better tonight.

Btw , Charlene has gone back to Australia to catch up on her studies. have a safe trip . It was fun catching up with her and Shi during our late dinner / supper / ice cream bonanza.

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