Of bomb threat and real threat

Today, apparently Shell House in Damansara was evacuated due to threats of bomb. They resume work after the place has been cleared & certified safe. Apparently the caller sounded like a chinese man. I guess after Petronas and Exxon, this company is the next target. Catch him.

But the bigger , real threat is this ... an exceprt from the budget speech by our beloved Prime Minister.

105. The Government had announced in the 2007 Budget that all PLCs are required to disclose CSR activities in their annual financial reports. Beginning financial year 2008, PLCs will be required to disclose their employment composition by race and gender, as well as programmes undertaken to develop domestic and Bumiputera vendors. The private sector should leverage upon the strength of Malaysia’s diversity by employing Malaysians from all ethnic groups.

I wonder why the U-turn from government from forcing Maybank to abandon its ruling to deal only with Bumiputra lawyers. Perhaps this was the direction in the first place.

So, in the midst of rejoicing over the big election budget ... remember to read the fine print. It is going to cost us more as a nation to have this kind of ruling impose on us. No more on performance but preferencial treatment .. and it is going to kill our nation's competitiveness.

I do wonder why Yasmin Ahmad made the National day commercial for the national oil corporation? It that slot, 2 child were asked about race and they do not understand what it means. No segregation by race.

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