Benefits of working for BIG company in SMALL town

Today, I realised that it is actually great to work in Shell ( big company ) in a smalltown.

I was told of this thing about girls going ga ga about people from Shell in PD , and apparently in places like Miri , Kuala Terengganu etc. Mostly because of their supposed deep pockets and thus better candidates for marriage!!


Anyway, I tested this out by going out to the bank just now in my yellow suit. Oh , it was more because of the rain that I kept the suit on.

Yep, wearing a yellow suit does get people's attention. Sure la, it is yellow!! But seriously, it felt different. Even the girl in the bank was asking more question than she should..

"SO, u are working in shell ah ... a technician? An operator? ..." before handling out my deposit slip.

"Manager ," I said in a low voice and the two ladies smiled.

And she even ask for office number as well ... ello.

So far , got reactions from Malay and Chinese girls. i guess the Indian girls are more shy. haha. But i think it is more on my ke-handsem-an. That is my funny experience for this week.

Favourite site of the Year!!

well well.. it is the end of 2006 and let me recount 2 sites that i find simulating. haha

1. Ode to the Pork - totally reminds me on my craving of bak kua few days ago. There aint no great Pork Dish in Pork Dickson yet. haha. Except a bah kut teh shop in Lukut called Ah- something.

2. Blogging the bible - i must say that this author is having a good time reading the bible and making a memory out of it. something like what we used to do in bible school.

3. oh ya ... and the new toyota Malaysia website. It is kinda hard to navigate and to get the correct information, but there is an initial wow factor .
What is wealth? Here is the latest stats on wealth. Hemm... If u have RM15K in asset , then you are amonth the top half of the world's wealth distribution. Not bad mah....

Wealth to me is relative. And relatives will take your wealth also. haha

The richest 2 per cent of adults own more than half the world’s wealth, according to the most comprehensive study of personal assets.

Those with assets of $500,000 could consider themselves to be among the richest 1 per cent in the world. Those with net assets of $2,200 per adult were in the top half of the wealth distribution.

The richest 10 per cent of adults accounted for 85 per cent of assets. The bottom 50 per cent of the world’s adults owned barely 1 per cent of global wealth.

Bolton no more

It is true that John Bolton has resigned. Hurrah to the rational and like minded. Here is a photo , in memory of another Bush j. that has been defeated. ( actually hoped that the photo will remain in the gov's official website ) I am not a supporter of the democrats and i hope that they will rise to the end of the bargain.

Anyway, i met one of my former Samsung colleague online today. Her name is Elaine and she is a mother of 3. The eldest is now in Secondary and the youngest is 10 years old. Yet, you can see that she looked younger than the profile says. Can you imagine that? Here are some of her pics , without the necessary permission .. yet. i hope she is reading my blog... :)

can win mrs malaysia

I guess this is how my old company looks like now.... the panel and funnels. Fun..

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