"Debate" on article 153.

I also read the attempt by the Malay nationalistic group (MMKM) in refuting the article by Raja Aziz Addruse and Helen Ting in NST Sunday. Wonder why NST allow such racist group to put forth their positions when they do not extend the same priveledge to groups like Don Jiong or God forbit... Hindraff, the 'Tamil tigers". Comparing both articles, one is written with reference to other documents/ research and the other one is ... uhmm.. a good attempt. It is like reading the judgement of ex CJ Ahmad Fairuz and compare it to to Richard Melunjun's judgement in Lina Joy's case. You just know where quality sits. But as usual in Malaysia, it is not facts that decide the matter but emotions and who shouts louder. Esp. when the article have threats like "I think it is not safe" and"It is a sensitive issue and no one should question it". Excellent summary of a 'debate' by a Tan Sri is that the other side should keep quiet. (http://www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Sunday/Columns/2286159/Article/index_html)

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