Updated: Spammed by Malaysian Prime Minister

Update: The reply from Customer Service

Appreciate your respond.
If Government owns Maxis, then quite surely Maxis did not do wrong. The fact that Maxis is a public listed company should distint itself and ensure total data privacy considerations.
If the government requires certain action, they can go to the court to obtain an injuction on why such action should be done. It is certaintly is not a practice in Malaysia yet for that kind of genuine respect to be given to customers.
I insist that this issue be escalated to your management that UNLESS it is a grave situation of imminent danger, such a service should not be allowed to be used at the whims and fancies. MCMC does not have power to order compliance and they should stick to their role.

Also, it does not absolve the way your customer service is discharging Maxis from its responsibility. In short, i am not happy with your solution nor the lack of apology.


Dear Mr. Joseph, Thank you for contacting Maxis and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.We were unable to reach you to clarify and explain further on your query.
Kindly revert with a contactable number and a suitable time for us to call you:-

Nevertheless, referring to your feedback below, we have investigated and found that the SMS was not sent by an external content provider and therefore there is no breach with regards to customer confidentiality.

The SMS was sent direct by Maxis upon request by Prime Minister’s Department. Customer Confidentiality is extremely important to us and we would like to assure you that we will not disclose our customer's information to any 3rd party as we take our obligations to protect our customers’ data integrity, very seriously.

I hope the above explanation has been able to address your concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance on this matter.
Thank you. Yours sincerely,
Devendra AdrianCustomer Relations UnitCustomer Operations


"Salam 1Malaysia. Selamat tahun baru cina kepada semua rakyat terutama kepada kaum cina. Ikhlas Dari Najib Razak Dan keluarga. Najib@1malaysia.com.my "

Yes! Got sms from 'old friend' Najib. How did the Prime Minister of Malaysia got my phone number?

Called Maxis to their customer service (123) and they say that it's an external provider who generated phone number on random. I was assured that no such thing would come from Maxis and they would block that number.

Then, their customer service called back that 62002 is unregistered and they cannot detect in their system. So, how does government got hold of my phone number and how do they access Maxis network? I am totally unhappy that a third party provider is able to access the network and are able to obtain my phone number. The person said that he will investigate and call back.

I then got a sms to give feedback on their customer service. Noticed that the number is 20002. The spam came from 62002 and the customer service is from 20002. Hemm....

From their explanation, they seemed unconcerned. By now, I have got information that the same message is spammed by the other 2 Malaysian Telco provider - Digi and Celcom. And later in the day, even Citibank in Malaysia got into the act of misusing access to customer data to send unsolicited, unnecessary sms to its user.

Does Maxis, Celcom , Digi and Citibank protect the privacy of their customers?

Does Maxis, Celcom , Digi and Citibank have the concern of their customers at heart?

At least DIGI customer service is upfront that the government of Najib Razak through MCMC forced them to broadcast this. FORCED! What is a regulator like MCMC forcing telecommunication companies to propagate ?

A webchat between my friend and Digi customer service with a transparent description of what it is .. a forced spam.

Malaysia is becoming more like Tunisia and Egypt by the systemic abuse of power by the government. And the businesses are just too happy to make the government happy by forsaking the rights of their customers.

Maxis , utterly disappointed by your lies and pretence. No apologies so far even when I said that i want explanation from higher management. I am keen to review my 12 year relationship with you Mr Maxis because you have betrayed the trust.

MAXIS lied!

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