Best Christmas Show for 2005

‘Best’ Christmas show this year

Belated Christmas wish from me.

Managed to catch up with the idiot box during this Christmas period in Johor .And like almost all Johorians , we normally fall short on heaping praises to our friendly Singaporean neighbor. However , like to give credit where credit is ( overly ) due. J So would like to congratulate the Mediacorp’s “ A Blessed Christmas” programme on the 24th December 05 as one of the most balanced and ‘accurate ‘ depiction of Christmas. In this one and a half hour show , the Christmas message of good news and Christ was proclaimed in songs and skits. And they are not shy to change the lyrics of modern Christmas songs to carry the message across. Some old English words in carols were simplified for easier understanding. It proves that Christmas TV programming for general audiences can go beyond the Santa Clauses , Santarinas , fake snows ( in Asian countries?! ) ,gifts, party & reindeers yet overwhelmingly entertaining. Hosted and produced by the hilarious Gurmit Singh ( aka Phua Chu Kang ), it reflects the growing maturity of the TV station on an Asian audience. Hope that Malaysian TV stations will take note and do something different next year.

What would be our response as Christians in the workplace and users of TV in Malaysia? Perhaps a few suggestion below in your own capacity.

Be discerning about our choices of movies or TV programmes that we watch ( or allow our children to watch ) . TVs are ruled by rating and movies by sales of ticket.
Impress to the stations that the need of the Christians have changed. If you are asked to be in a focus group or interview session , remember to affirm the need of Christ being exalted as the Christmas message.
Create a buzz in your blogs and mamak peers on this programme. Perhaps there will be enough buzz for Malaysian TV to buy over the show next season to be shown in our local terrestrial channel. The songs that was chosen depicted the gospel in a clear manner.
If you are in the entertainment industry or belongs to an organization that is able and capable, why not do a similar one for Malaysia? In fact , have the songs in BM , Mandarin , Tamil etc. Replace the pine tree with pokok kelapa sawit and Christmas decoration made using leaves ala Orang Asli ?! hehe

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