Wee in trouble

So, the divertors in Government is taking a big issue out of this. " he has to be responsible for going against the law". Abdullah syied away from saying this with the same authority when asked about the Port Klang Free Trade fiasco. Shame shame. Respect of him going down.

Anyway, kudos to our de facto Minister of Law

When asked how Wee had insulted the national anthem, Nazri said the song was supposed to be sung in a proper way, otherwise it would mean insulting the song, especially when the lyrics were changed.
“Malaysia Negaraku ku. Ku ku can also mean ‘cuckoo’, so it was insulting. I don’t think this was done out of ignorance. He was a university student and he meant to insult the national anthem,” he said.

So, the whole big issue is the word of Ku Ku. Aiyah , that is an ISA item. Minister Cuckoo sure got his priority right. To have a whole cabinet meeting for this important national agenda is laughable. Under My Umbrella la la .... duh...

Read the real translation of Wee's rap and you will know that this is not an insult to the song our country, but the injustice of the political and social system. U can call him Chinese centric, but definately he is patriotic. Dare to face the truth?

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