Catholic publication in Malaysia partially banned.

My first posting for the new year would reflect on 2 issues.

Firstly, why am I never invited for sex parties like this ( I think I am with the wrong crowd.. hehe.

Interestingly, those who goes for these drug and alcohol parties would surely not be bothered with more 'important' stuff around. Their important stuff would differ from mine. Now it makes sense why was I never invited for such things.. kekek

Home Ministry bans Herald’s Malay supplement -Anil Netto

The bad news on New Year’s Day is that the approval comes with strings attached:

  • the Herald has to stop its Malay-language supplement. A typical edition of the weekly paper has 32 pages, including an eight-page Malay-language pull-out, three pages in Chinese and two pages in Tamil, with the rest in English.
  • the paper can only be sold in churches (I don’t think it’s being sold anywhere else at present)
  • The Herald must print clearly on the cover that the paper is only meant for Christians.
I do know the East Malaysians and most of the natives don't read Chinese and sometimes English. After years of Malaysianization, some of the younger ones would not be able to read their native language as well. And some groups would not have written format of their language. Isn't it weird that the single language promoted to bring the different races together is used to divide?

It is even weirder that the BN government continue to complain that Bahasa Malaysia is not widely used , not dimartabatkan yet they see fit to ban the usage of the same language that they want to promote. The Buddhist and Hindus do not have a lot of native believers so this ruling will not have big impact on them .

But for 1 million plus native Christians, these are huge ruling that will adversely impact their faith and their fundamental rights.

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