My observation of the Kuala Terengganu By election

To the readers, early wish of a blessed New Year. Have a cow of the new year.

The new job did not allow me to spend enough time to blog. And when i am back home or not travelling, have not the luxury to spend time writting articles. Yet, would just like to share my personal thoughts on the Kuala Terengganu by election last week that was won by PAS and its aftermath.

10 observations
1. MSM that spinned an UMNO win kept the news small when PAS won. Sore loosers.

2. UMNO to accept the defeat and work on change? People are still pointing fingers at each other. Good riddance.

3. Najib would not be able to bring about the necessary change. He plays safe.

4. Najib forsake his job as the Economic minister at a crucial time when our economy is stagnating even at a by election that is 'not important'.

5. Estimated between RM500 million to RM1 billion is thrown to the KT by election without results.

6. Too many luxury cars and police outriders blocking the road. Someone nearly died in Pahang when hit by a lorry as the junction is blocked for VIP to pass through.

7. Wan Farid is just an appointed senator who got lucky knowing the right people.

8. Terengganu chinese swings back to Barisan for economic reasons & probably not hudud. MCA is trumpetting as their achievement without wanting to know the real reasons. They will continue to loose support.

9. By elections are good. We almost have our electricity tariff lowered.

10.MCAC is confirmed toothless. It dares not act against many complaints of money politics in KT.

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