Solution to Australia's past-time

Seeemed that Australia is again gripping about its citizen getting caught and executed in foreign countries. For the umpteenth time , much time and money is spent trying to prove that those foreign governments are incorrect or in-human. Certaintly much lower than those high standards that their citizens adhere to. Or is it?

Stop your gripes , mates. First thing to do is to stop your citizens from being involved in drugs. It is funny that John Howard's reply is akin to " don't get caught" instead of getting to the root of problem. Certaintly , Australian has now developed an infamous reputation. get your own house cleaned ya.

Sympathy to TUONG Van Nguyen who had to be executed. It is the law and Singapore's decision should be respected. Sure , much has been said about giving him a chance. Yet , he did not think of those end users of his huge 400g load of heroins then. He made the decision then to take the risk and lost.

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