Shanghai - chic city of China

Arrived at Pudong airport at 6.30 morning. The tempreture then was at 8 degree C. It was cold , but not freezing . In fact , the later part of the plane ride felt more cold.
The last to check in with the plane. I think they were very happy to find the long lost passenger. haha . Got to my seat just in time for the flight. Lee, a director's secretary from BASF chemical was sitting beside me. So , we chatted as i want to know more about China. Good way to do research , but she goes to the expensive places. Had breakfast/ lunch at 2.30 a.m in the plane , it was horrible . haha . finally slept about 3.30 when both of us politely ask each other to rest. then i tidur.

Pudong airport is nowhere like KLIA . One thing a person will notice is that the Chinese personels don't smile. Nope , the just stand around and block places that you should not go. ha. And the famous spitting is real. Phew. Took a taxi to Radison instead of the Maglave train. Magalave train are trains without wheels and can travel at 400 kmh using magnet system. Very impressive , but they only operate from8.30 am. Took over one hour to reach the hotel at RMB151 , 1 RMB more expensive than projected.

Radison Hotel is one of the most chic and luxury hotel that i have been . Believe me , no KL hilton , Sunway nor Ritz comes near. I was driven into a private properties full of treas and garden and banglo houses. And upon arriving at the hotel , it was tremendously beautiful. Checked it at the special VIP counter at 14th floor . Wow , i am shied by this luxury . Upon checking in , even got a special L'oreal gift bag with all the necessary stuff. Oh ya , also this skin tightening thing which you were saying that you want to get. Will bring that back.
Had nice breakfast while they cleaned my room. It was pretty good selection , but was brain dead by then . Lots of stuff that they have here that is pretty good. You can place your shoe at a specific place for them to shine for you ( free ) . And i just got them to press my suit ( also free ) , use the Clark hatch fitness centre ( free ) etc. hahahah .. freee!!!! oh ya , internet at this room is also free ,but only one PC. It is the design of the place with stuff that we don't normally get in our hotel rooms , except perhaps the water kettle.

Going out after this to do some walking and perhaps buy some stuff . Going down the road to the Mansion of the Late Soong sister's ( the eldest ) . Come back to do some physical exercises ( if i did not get lost by then ) . will have dinner with my boss and perhaps another excursion tonight. Will see if can get some stuff for KK here. Heard that things are pretty affordable , hope it has quality though. Will put in some stuff in the blog , but do write back to this mail.

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