Tsunami Fund raising in St Andrews

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One of the more 'churchy' churches around with lotsa gwai loh who speaks very good , pure accented English . Of course , some of us do try to speak like them and be identified with. Still , we were there for a mission ... to present 3 songs and to do the finale with the rest of the presenters.

Had 30 minutes sleep in between church , youth and going over. And we tot that we did good time by reaching KL in 25 minutes. Somehow , Mr Murphy is on CNY holiday as well . No , not the CNY jam . But the Le Tour de Langkawi Jam . yes , there is such jam in KL other than 'usual jam' , ' flood jam' , ' bottleneck jam' , ' avoid paying Samy Vellu's highway toll jam' and jam caused by people who slowed down to look at accidents. Took us another 35 minutes being ushered from one corner of town to another. But , we felt better when we realised that the whole KL was stuck in the same jam .. including the organisors. brah haha

Soon , we were up practising with the rest. The first group consists of a trio who look so composed. In fact , when the lady singer opened her mouth ... she sounded like Sheila Majid . Yes , lovely voice. And the pianist were doing jazz stuff while rhymming with Diana Wee. The third person is Yew Kong , son of Dr Living Lee whom teaches me in Beyond Headstart group. What a small world! And they are undergraduates from UKM , i tot they are some profesional upstarts.

To tell you the truth , after the other group went up for practise we do not feel too great about ourselves. But the 'leader' in me decided that we just got to think differently and enjoy / learn. ahem .. of course , i do not know if that is a sound advice. get it?

Anyway , only God knows how it will go. Had great Burger King for dinner. Never seen girls whallop whopper so frightfully fast.

Soon , the seat are filled and the presentation went on . Each group , presenters were very strong and distintly capable to present on their own . Big names like DUMC , Logos etc. soon filled up the MC's speech of introduction . Wow , one even did a choir in Hokkien . Impressive. Finally , it is our turn . The S2S group from Doulos PC. Who? Doulos the ship? Did they leave these guys here on purpose? nope .... we replied. hehe

The first song was a fast song " Turn Mourning into dancing again" . That brought the whole excitement up . And since we are the only group who makes thosse instruments sound loudly , it attracts attention . Even the 2 year old kid infront was shaking his butt in unison with the music. Second song is " Stands by me" in which the chorus is changed to " Jesus , stands by me". And capped it up with a redefined hymm " Prayer". It went on super well . PTL PTL . And the final end song is " One voice " . That was made more grand since we were in a grand looking church.

hemm .. will take up Steven's offer for a open house outing in his house in a forthnight.

Well , me going off now for a one week Chinese New Year break! My best wishes to all the readers in the world who views my blog constantly . ... yeah.... ;)

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