Top 7 picks of Chiang Mai

"Ok, check check to make sure no elephant dung before we dunk"

Vegetation like Malaysia. In fact, that is what the Singaporean observed .. lumping us with Indo and even Vietnam. whatever.
I did not eat this, but it was moving & gross. Ultimate. Be a real man if i swallow one of these.
We still think that she is a HE. Sang Riana's Under my umbrella flawlessly and have the same sexy moves. How does he get a she voice? Mandalay Disco with a lads of gays. I got pick up again. haha
Ha, this is where they get the music.
Elephants go bar hopping.

Was actually babysitting Kylie and Keang. Both hyperactive kids from Cheras. Will miss them.

Sawadee Chiang Mai

Will let the photos speak about my recent trip to Chiang Mai. Came back yesterday in lethargic mode. Does not help that Air Asia delayed both flights to and fro. Generally a nice experience and I did not do anything naughty. haha
The view from Chiang Mai from top of Double Dragon mountain.
Double dragon temple. Amazing scene of people praying for their intent. humbling
Nope. this is not worm but pork rinds. But i still manage to grab some worm grubs.
People waiting for the priest to finish his prayer for Ponjumon. An Amulet that contains Buddha and able to bring you luck. I doubt the amulets are cheap but people take off from work to come and wait and buy these amulets. Big huge crowds even in rain.

Local north tribesmen weaving and her child / daughter. she looked very young.

Nope, no carbaret dancer. Apparently the cabaret club closed down in March. Had our dinner and cultural show. She is the best dancer by far.

Not sure if this is a normal wear or a costume. But these guys worked hard to earn the living.
Two children playing and dancing. A Hui tribe who are Christians. Amazing
Lousy face, but u can see Laos in distance.
Village in Laos called Done Xao. Look more hansem in Laos... pronounced Lao without the "s". Here , i have taken my secret-gross-food-of-the-trip thing. Cheap whiskey, cheap ciggies & see people gambling while waiting for customers. Think we have huge social issues here...

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